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999 tattoo

Tattoo has become a familiar thing nowadays and everyone knows what it is. However, not many people know that, other than having permanent dye deep in the skin, a tattoo holds some significant meaning to the owner. Who knows what the owner wanted to interpret? There is a misinterpretation among some people that only bad people have tattoos on their bodies or people who went out of their way of life wears tattoos.

Though this judgment won’t disappear any soon, they should actually get enough knowledge on this to not hurt anyone. The meaning of tattoos varies. It can be a sentimental piece to someone or a happy one to someone. Some even have so deeper meaning that it can shake people from inside.

Symbols, numbers, flowers, drawings, or any new invention of one can be drawn as a tattoo. As long as you want it, any kind of tattoo can be worn by you. The only requirement is a professional artist.

The 999 tattoo has become a hot topic, especially after the death of Star Rapper Juice Wrld in 2019. Even though it has been almost three years, people still find themselves searching for the 999 meaning. If you are wondering what does 999 tattoo means, you are at the right place. The Rapper had 15 tattoos all over his body and 999 has the most beautiful meaning that he described.

999 Tattoo meaning

Since this tattoo has been recognized after Juice Wrld had made it drawn on his hand, let’s see how he interpreted this. Before death, the artist explained what his tattoos means, and thus the 999 tattoo’s explanation also came to light.

According to Juice Wrld,

In the last book of the Bible, it says 6-6-6 is the mark of the beast that is satan, belfoid, and hell. And 9-9-9 represents take whatever hell, whatever bad situation, or whatever struggle you are going through, and turn it into something positive and you need to push yourself forward.

Juice Wrld wanted to say that since 6-6-6 means the number of hell which means bad situations, struggles, etc. You can just turn it upside down to make it 9-9-9. It conducts that you can turn the bad situations, struggles, and problems into a positive way. No matter what kind of negative things fall on you, you can try to turn them into a positive manner. 

Simply put, 999 means turning something bad into good. Juice Wrld was a wise man who had a far-sighted vision. He is one of those artists who made American hip hop famous and changed the youngsters. He will always be remembered. Rest in Peace.

Other meanings of 999

Apart from the explanation of Juice Wrld, there are meanings of 999 in many fields like religion, life, love, luck, etc. The Rapper took his inspiration from the Bible which he said during interpreting the meaning. Rather than turning the bad number 6-6-6 upside down, there seems to be another meaning of 999 in religion.

999 meaning in Bible

The number 9 alone has a great meaning and that is salvation, fairness, and also letting go of whatever happened in the past. It is to look forward to the bright future ahead. And the 999 number is known to be the number of the holy spirit. It is the power that represents God’s will. 

There is also another meaning of the same interpretation. 999 means that God has heard and answered your prayers. People seem to believe that seeing this number repeatedly means the sign of God. And this sign is to make you realize that your prayers have been answered.

Many people believe that having 999 as your number means you have natural talents and are versatile. Also, you can sense that maybe God is trying to connect with you. Even though this belief has some solid followers, the most accepted and believed fact is the former one about salvation and the prayers of being accepted.

In the Bible, the 999 number is not directly written or found anywhere. That’s why people just conduct it as a normal number whereas others find it fascinating.

999 meaning in Luck

If you believe that certain numbers can bring you luck, then so be it. It mostly depends on you. However, the numbers like 9, 99, 999, 9999, etc are considered lucky and many people have collected evidence or proved fact that these numbers brought luck to their life.

As for 999, it is an Angel number that is a gift from God. And many of us believe that if you are stuck with this number, God will bestow you with a better life or transform into a better life.

999 meaning in Love

999 is an Angel number which means completion or fulfillment of a cycle. Even in normal life, it means to end something that does not bring you fulfillment.

And in a romantic relationship, it may indicate to end of the relationship for the fulfillment to come in. It is true that to start something, you should end what has been going on.

999 Spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning is the same as your beliefs and religion. If you see this number repeatedly, it may indicate you end the never-ending cycle of something in your life.

How do People see the 999 tattoo?

Celebrities have quite an influence on normal people’s lives. Of course, that’s why they are celebrities. Be it lifestyles, fashion styles, or even tattoo styles. People tend to follow celebrities or artists who they are fond of or who made a change in their life somehow. Thus, those artists’ lifestyles also get imprinted on their follower’s life. Even one of my colleagues always wears a cologne that her favorite singer uses.

Even though many people had 999 tattoos, it only got famous after the Star Juice Wrld had it. Though it got famous after his death, the influence is still here. Many of his fans got this 999 tattoo in remembrance of Juice Wrld. Even people who are not his followers also got it done.

Famous Artist, Halsey got a tattoo in reminiscence of his friend Juice in 2021. She got a tattoo on the back of her palm that says, “Life’s a mess  999” while mentioning the Juice Instagram account in her story.

People still remember how Juice made a change and they got his tattoos embodied on their bodies. Not just 999, there are more than 14 tattoos that are famous because of the Star Rapper.

999 Tattoo

Since you have now been enlightened about the different meanings of the number 999, you can decide whether or not to get this tattoo done. Moreover, if you are wondering what type of 999 tattoo you want, there are a lot of tattoo ideas you can find on the internet. If you have a professional tattoo artist, he will easily draw you the beautiful 999 tattoo you want.  Even if you don’t want to get a tattoo, we hope that this article has helped you enough with the necessary information.

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