Are 3-KG Dumbbells Good For A Beginner?

are 3kg weights good

Health and fitness are the most important things to an individual. In order to stay fit in good health, we need to eat nutritious food, take adequate exercise, have proper sleep, and avoid bad habits. Proper exercise is very important to keep our body fit and strong. But people these days can’t properly exercise or work out because of laziness or lack of time. Yet, there are a number of people who work out regularly to have a fit body and maintain good health.

Also, there are people who prefer to eat less, exercise less. Though, a perfect amount of both things being balanced is the most appropriate way. Dumbbells are a workout favorite and their popularity is increasing regularly. Beginners who want to begin working out start with dumbbells. Dumbbells are in fact everybody’s favorite and the reason for such acceptance or popularity is the versatility and effectiveness of dumbbells. 

Well, you can exercise effectively with dumbbells irrespective of your place. Dumbbells help you have an awesome workout routine to build muscles, gain strength as well as get a good-looking body. There are different types of dumbbells available in the market. If you are a beginner, it might be hectic to choose the appropriate weight dumbbells. You need to know the right dumbbell weights suitable for men and women which is known as the dumbbell standards.

Again, you might wonder what dumbbells a beginner should use. One of the common questions is “Are 3kg (6.6 lbs.) dumbbells good for a beginner?”. Well, we all understand the pain when we need to choose the right dumbbell for a workout as a beginner. So to relieve you of this pain, this article is here to help. In this article, we will define whether 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) dumbbells are suitable for beginners. If not, we will include the appropriate dumbbells that can be used for beginners for workouts. 

Are 3kg (6.6 lbs.) Dumbbells Good For Beginners?

Beginners, as well as advanced fitness freaks, use dumbbells for bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises help you build muscular fitness and also improve your cardiovascular health, strength, agility, endurance, and balance. These exercises are effective and adaptable. Dumbbells are a great tool for bodyweight exercises. 

Most lifters starting for the first time find 3kg (6.6 lbs) dumbbells suitable for their needs. Much of the outcome is based on your desired muscle outcome and born gender. The average woman stops at 5kg, and the average male stops at 8kg. Each person is unique and may want higher or lower weight.

If you are a beginner, 3kg or (6.6 lbs.) is suitable for you. But, you should keep in mind your gender, diet, age, weight, and the type of exercise you are going to use dumbbells for.  Well, for exercises, some weight is better than no weight. Sometimes, 3kg (6.6 lbs.) is very heavy for beginners again it can also be light for beginners. So, if you are wondering whether to choose 3kg dumbbells as a beginner, you must find out if you can adjust with the weight.

However, 3kg dumbbells might feel a bit heavy and difficult as a beginner. But, your body will adjust to the weight soon. So, 3kg dumbbells are good for a beginner but for a small duration. 3kg dumbbells will help you get better biceps, triceps, and shoulders at first. 

Using 3kg (6.6 lbs.) dumbbells might be effective at first. You will feel the stress in your muscles for the first few weeks. Also, you will find effective changes in your body. Soon your body will outgrow 3kg dumbbells, that is when you need to upgrade. By upgrade we mean, you need to increase the reps and weight every day if you are wishing for better results in your body. You can gradually increase the weights of your dumbbells to increase your strength, ability, agility, mobility, and endurance. 

So when buying a new pair of dumbbells, we think you should avoid buying the fixed weights. They will be either too light or too heavy for your body. We recommend buying the adjustable set so that it adjusts the weights accordingly. 

If you go adjustable, Check out our favorite for lighter size adjustable weight set, the NordicTrack 55lb Total weight set

Are 3kg (6.6 lbs.) Dumbbells Heavy?

Well, 3kg dumbbells are heavy for some people and light as a feather for some people. The weight of your dumbbells mainly depends on the type of exercise you’re doing. Lightweight dumbbells can help you build small muscles strengthening the triceps on the back of your upper arm. On the other hand, heavy-weight dumbbells help you build bigger muscles with stronger shoulders and back. There are a lot of different exercises that help to strengthen different organs of your body. Well, it is up to you, choose the right weight dumbbells for the exercise you want to do.

Well, beginners find 3kg (6.6 lbs.) dumbbells to be very heavy. On the contrary, intermediate or advanced people at the Gym find 3kg very light. And 3kg (6.6 lbs.) dumbbells are not quite suitable for them. Because they don’t create the appropriate stress in the muscles to build stronger biceps and triceps. They need higher-weight dumbbells to get efficient and effective results.

People who never workout or are a beginner to working out, find 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) weight dumbbells equal to 300kg or more. Well, when they first start with 3kg dumbbells, they find them really heavy and get sore muscles on the first day of the workout. It happens that beginners, not knowing the proper endurance strength of their muscles, lift high weighted dumbbells rigorously on the first day.

They later end up with sore and painful muscles missing workout sessions the next day or the whole week. So, it is a must to know your weight, height, diet, and endurance strength before choosing a dumbbell as a beginner.  If 3kg dumbbells feel so heavy that it causes pain in your joints, in that case, we recommend going for 1kg or 2kg dumbbells. So, when your body adjusts with the weight, you can go for higher-weight dumbbells. 

Can 3kg (6.6 lbs.) Dumbbells Be Used As Weight Lifting? 

Well, it depends on the ability and endurance of the person who is weight-lighting. If the person is a beginner to work out, then 3kg (6.6 lbs.) is an ideal choice. He/She can do forearm exercises along with other weight lifting exercises. You must know that weight lifting doesn’t always mean bodybuilding. Weight lifting exercises don’t always help you in bodybuilding as in strengthening your muscles. Weight lifting can help you in increasing your endurance and fitness. 

Well, 3kg dumbbells can be used for weight lifting for pregnant women or unhealthy individuals. Well, light weights are in fact appropriate for them, heavyweights can worsen their health and fitness. 

Again, for advanced or intermediate gym workouts, 3kg dumbbells are in fact very light for weight-lifting exercises. 

A benefitting weight-lifting workout means applying progressive overload on your body. It means you have to push your body to reach the desired goals. That means you increase the weight of your dumbbells along with increasing the reps. For example, If you start with 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) dumbbells and 10 reps at first, then you can upgrade the weight to 5kg (11 lbs.) or 6kg (13.2 lbs.) with 50 reps after your body gets habituated to the weights. If you are looking for effective workouts to benefit your body, you need to increase the weights and reps from time to time and push yourself to reach your desired fitness. 

Which Dumbbells Can Be Used To Tone The Arms?

If you want to tone your arms, dumbbells are the best choice as a workout tool. You can start with 1kg (2.2 lbs.) or 2kg (4.4 lbs.) dumbbells with a small number of reps at first. But make sure to increase the weight and reps from time to time. If not, you won’t get the proper benefits after your body adapts to the weight of the dumbbells. 

What Dumbbell Weight Should A Beginner Use?

As a beginner, you should start with lightweight dumbbells so that your body can easily adapt. In this way, beginners can prevent injury or strain to muscles or joints. You can start with 2kg dumbbells so that you don’t stress your body on the first day of the workout.

You can do the exercises like single-arm rows, bicep curls, upright rows, triceps extensions, lateral raises, and hammer curls. If the dumbbells feel light, you can work out with them by increasing the number of reps. As your body adapts with the 2kg (4.4 lbs.) dumbbells, you can increase the weight as well as the reps. Well, give your body the time to adapt to the weights. You increase the weights rapidly because it can cause more harm than benefit to your body. 

We know buying the right pair of dumbbells is very tricky. In that case, there are some factors that you need to consider when buying a pair of dumbbells if you are a beginner.

  1. Dumbbells come in different types which are fixed dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, and studio dumbbells. Each of these is used for different purposes. Make sure to buy the pair of dumbbells that match your requirements. 
  2. Avoid buying dumbbells made of steel. These dumbbells become slippery when you sweat making them risky to handle. Alternative to that, you can buy neoprene dumbbells. The dumbbells made of neoprene are comfortable and easy to grip. Well, make sure to buy dumbbells that make you feel comfortable and less prone to risks.
  3.  Make sure to buy the appropriate weight dumbbells that suit your fitness level. You can start with lightweight dumbbells and gradually increase the weights.

How To Choose The Right Weight?

Using dumbbells in your workout exercises benefits you by strengthening your muscles or a specific muscle group. It also improves your cardiovascular health along with endurance and stamina. If you want to select the right weight, you can discuss it with your physical trainer who can help you in this tricky task. 

Well, the weight of the dumbbells and the number of repetitions of workout exercises by dumbbells impact you to build and strengthen your muscles. When you want to choose the right weight, firstly pick up any pair of weighted dumbbells that you find comfortably challenging. If you can finish any targeted number of reps with good form, then you can work out with the pair of dumbbells. On the contrary, If you feel tired or fatigued halfway, then you should go for a lighter pair of dumbbells.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner, you can start working out with 3kg dumbbells. But remember that you should choose the right dumbbells by the facts they check, not the ones that are trendy. You should determine whether the dumbbells are comfortable, easy to grip, match your fitness level, and mainly in your budget. If you think dumbbells are expensive, you don’t have to rush to the gym, you can use alternatives to it for your workout sessions at home.

By alternatives, we mean water bottles or gallon jugs can be used to work out or exercise at home. However, dumbbells are a workout favorite. And, every beginner can start their workout routines by choosing the right pair of dumbbells. 

Our Recommended 3kg (6.6 lbs.) Dumbbells are Adidas Dumbbells (Pair) You can get a pair cheaper in the US if you drop down to 5LB, or up the weight to 8LB.

A set is our best recommendation so you can work up or down from a prospective weight. Check out the sets available in the colors, styles , and weight ranges.

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