Best Cat Proof Bassinet

Best Cat Proof Bassinet

When raising a pet cat or being a cat person with lots of them playing around in the house, it is needless to say that they require constant caring. Having only them around you causes less headache than having kids along with them. Taking care of both of them while keeping them safe from each other can be really tiring even when you are sleeping. 

Expecting a little one in your family is so much exciting and creates a happy environment. Your little baby will need constant caring and you have to watch over it so that nothing creates any unnecessary discomfort for them. Now you even have your furry friends running around and they even have their access to your bedroom where your kid also stays. 

Cats are of a curious kind. Even if they see a string lying around, they will wait an unspecified time and suddenly jump on it. It is their nature. So no matter what, it is definite that your feline friends may jump or would want to play with your child. However, even if your cat has goodwill to play, they play by biting and scratching which is definitely a huge no for your child. Children are extremely delicate from their birth to kidhood. Your cat’s fur also may not be good for your baby.

They also tend to be awake during the night when you and your kid will be sleeping. In these types of defenseless moments, your cat may want to play and jump or go into the bassinet of your baby. To avoid these unnecessary incidents, it is better to have a sturdy cat-proof bassinet for your child. That way, both your cat and child will be safe and so you will be.

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Dream on Me Karley

Dream on Me Karley

Best Cat Proof Bassinet

Dream on me Karley is probably the perfect and best cat proof bassinet you can ever find. It is bulky yet lightweight. Also, it is easy to fold up and down. You can take it upstairs and downstairs easily. Though you cannot take it anywhere you want as it does not have the portable feature. Even if you want to, you have to disassemble it, take it to the place you want, and again assemble it. Since it is easy to assemble, you have less to worry about.

Moreover, it is sturdy and can withstand the sudden jump of your feline friends. However, its canopy design could have been better. It does not fold down all the way and stays halfway which can be a source of discomfort while putting down the baby. You have to keep the baby carefully so that it does not get hit on the forehead. The zip fold-up still works great to keep your cats away from the baby.

Another best thing added to this design is the little thing underneath the bedding. It is usually for keeping toys and things of the baby but your cat can also stay there. This distraction will let them away from the bassinet and be in their own way.

It is a bit fancy and expensive but still the best one considering the sturdiness, cat-proofing, and overall features. If you have a big luggage, you can put it in this and also take it when traveling. It is absolutely great to put your child in for long sleep.

The second choice as the best bassinet is this one. Besrey Bassinet for Baby has good and soft padding which helps the baby sleep a long time without any discomforts. It is easily foldable and you can do it within seconds. Also, it is portable and lightweight. The easy assemble helps a lot. The size is also perfect for a newborn.

It is pretty sturdy and is perfect to use when you have cats around. Its dual choice is a great addition which has two designs. Not only you can use it as a crib but also you can rock it like a cradle. You have to just change the angle beneath the legs of this bassinet when you want to use it for rocking. The size is perfect even for small houses.

Its detachable canopy comes with a mesh design and can also be used for mosquitos. You can zip it up or down whenever you need. You also can lower it down to play with your child. Moreover, it has a basket underneath which is for storing toys, parts, etc. But you can also have your cat sleep or stay in there so that it is used as a distraction to stay away from the upper bassinet. 

This one also is sturdy and lightweight. The design includes no suffocating things so that your child can sleep in peace and cool.

This bassinet is really a great pick if you want to keep your baby beside you. It has so many features and options that you will feel overwhelmed as to what to use first. The build quality does not look good until you grab it and assemble it. The plastic tube feet are really strong and do not feel cheap at all. The assembly is also easy, though it looks pretty hard at first. If you follow how to do it, it will be done in a jiffy. 

All the features of this one are so good for being at the bedside that you would not regret the purchase. You can adjust the height according to your liking and also your bed. Its mesh sidewalls will let you see your baby even if you lie down. Moreover, your baby will have a breathable atmosphere and it will also protect your child from bugs and mosquitos.

The best thing is you can put down one of the sides and use it as a co-sleeper crib. By adjusting it to your bed, this bassinet will become a part of your bed as well. When the baby is crying, or you will be feeding her, this feature will be a great help then. The wheels are something we needed until we saw them. It is really convenient to move from one place to other thanks to the wheels. You can lock them firmly when not needed. Another thing is you can elevate both or either one side of the crib which will be like a pillow or something when you will be feeding her.

Comfy Bumpy is a great one for both traveling and home. It is sturdy and lightweight and also easy to carry. The simple and sleek look makes it modern and pleasing to look at. Its height is adjustable. It comes with a bag and mosquito net which is also sturdy. It will be safe after a few bumps and scratches of your furry friend. But it will be concerning if they continuously jump on it. The mesh design on the sides helps better ventilation and easier to look at the baby from the outside. 

Furthermore, it is easy to assembly. When needed, you just have to fold it by pulling off the legs and it is ready to go into the bag. Because of its lightweight, easily foldable feature, you can travel at ease. It also includes its own sheet and waterproof mattress. The mattress is of one piece which is why there are no bumps.

Being light yet sturdy is a great feature to have. Comfy bumpy is overall a great cat proof bassinet for traveling and home as well. 

Baby delight go with me is a well-made bassinet with easy use. It is lightweight, easy to assemble with no complications, and also can be disassembled easily. You don’t have to put lots of strength to put this together. This easily foldable bassinet offers portability which helps greatly while traveling. However, considering other bassinets we have reviewed this far, this one is lower and near to the ground. If your cat is a nasty one and won’t leave your child, this can be concerning as they can scratch this lower one easily from both sides.

Otherwise, this bassinet is great in all other aspects. The mattress is okay as well. You can use it for rocking and when it is done you just have to turn the legs downwards for staying still. The mesh net is great for your child to observe the things around and not get scared. It also helps keep away mosquitoes outdoor. If you want to stay outdoor, mosquitos and bugs won’t bother her because of its canopy mesh design. It also will keep her well due to enough ventilation.

Since it is low, it will be a great choice for those who have a lower bed. They can put this beside their bed easily which will be a lot easier than having a taller one than the bed. You can easily fold it down and put it into the bag when you will be traveling. The bag does not take much space than expected. 

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