Best GPU for i7 3770

Best GPU for i7 3770

Memory, speed, form factor, and a few more things need to be checked to choose the best GPU among the huge number of products. If it is about searching for the best GPU for the Intel Core i7 3770, this article may help you out to a certain extent. 

The Core i7 3770 is Intel’s legacy processor and comes with a total of 4 powerful cores & 8 threads. Featuring a 3.40 GHz base frequency and 3.90 turbo boost frequency, i7 3770 has 32GB DDR3 and two memory channels. The processor itself has great things to offer and it has integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. It is perfect for beginner builds or upgrading old PC builds.

Considering the processor speed of i7 3770, choosing a GPU while keeping the bottleneck in mind is the right thing to do. Along with other factors keeping in check, we have chosen a couple of GPUs that may satisfy the Core i7 3770.

4 Best i7 3770 GPU

The AMD Radeon RX 590 is a great budget card with an impressive performance to serve. It does its job to the fullest. The settings are easy to follow and navigate. It is powerful and has a strong base for gaming. Gaming performances are a breeze with this GPU. For performance, RX 590 is better than its previous one, RX 580. However, the price is higher than that of 580. 

Looking at the benchmark list, RX 590 has reasonably better performance than GTX 1060. It renders fast and the percentage of the Bottleneck is not bad to affect the performance. Moreover, it has lots of display connectivity ports.

RX 590 works the best in 1080p gaming. It is ideal and you will get brilliant output even in relatively high settings. It also has good memory settings. The GPU is easy to set up as well as to work with. The one problem it got is that it gets super hot and noisy under load. That’s why getting an aftermarket cooler is a must need when buying this GPU.

Key Features: The RX 590 comes with 36 compute units featuring a 1469 MHz base and more than 1545 MHz boost frequency. It has gotten 8GB GDDR5 memory with 8 Gbps memory speed and more than 256 GB/s bandwidth. 

  • Great for 1080p gaming
  • Lots of display port
  • Impressive gaming performance
  • Heating problem
  • Gets noisy

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