Can We get External RAM for Laptop?

External RAM for Laptop

If you are wondering whether you can use external ram for your Laptop, the answer is no. You can not use external RAM for Laptop. RAM is an essential thing for your hardware. It feeds data to the processor and the processor processes them and works on them to boost the performance or work. If you try to add external RAM to your Laptop, it will have to be added through a cable or some other possible way as a connector. You are trying to get a RAM capacity, not an SSD.

Your USB ports connected with the laptop processor enable you to divide the power supply among all the devices connected externally. If the designated power supply does not meet up with the need for your external RAM, it will affect your crucial and important data that need to be transferred to the processor as fast as possible. Since this external RAM is not a part of the hardware, the power supply won’t provide it much power it needs as it has other internal components to feed power. That’s why using external is not only impossible but also dangerous. 

Can we get External RAM for our Laptop? No, because the interface and most importantly the power supply only gives importance to the RAM internally placed on the motherboard. It is like the internal RAM is the Laptop’s own daughter and the external one is someone else’s. So whom would Laptop give more food and power? You already know the answer.

Some Questions People Asked:

Can we upgrade the RAM of the Laptop?

If your RAM limit or capacity of your laptop is 16GB but you have only 8GB RAM. In that case, you can upgrade the RAM by adding another 8GB. However, if you have already reached capacity, You can not add more RAM to your Laptop.

How much RAM can we add to our Laptop?

The amount of RAM you can add to your Laptop depends on the Laptop’s capacity itself. Every Laptop has a capacity of how much RAM it can handle. If your Laptop has 16 GB of RAM capacity whereas you have only 8GB. You can add more 8GB RAM easily. But, if you have already reached the max capacity, there is no way you can add more RAM to your Laptop.

Is dual-channel RAM good?

Of course, Dual-channel RAM is Good. It is better for your system and RAM. When you use single-channel RAM, all the pressure of working and duty comes to this single stick. That way it is overloaded with data and so which makes it dry out and loses its potential and functionality gradually. However, if you use dual-channel RAM, the work will be divided into two and both sticks will have equal yet less work than before. That way your RAM will have more longevity and work better. And, that is why dual-channel RAM is considered good.

How can we boost our RAM?

To boost your RAM, make sure to use most of it. You can start by closing unnecessary software/applications running in the background. You can upgrade your software, clear cache, remove browser extensions, restart your computer, etc. If your RAM is still not enough, you can upgrade it.

How do I check my RAM speed on my laptop?

You can check your RAM speed on your Laptop through some easy and simple steps.

  • Go to task manager
  • Select the Performance Tab
  • On the left side, it will show many options like CPU, memory, and more
  • Click on the Memory option
  • It will show your RAM speed as well as memory usage

Also, you can use CPUz freeware to check the RAM speed on your Laptop as well as the information of other devices easily. You can download this software from their official site. Many tech users use CPUz to check on their PC devices’ status and information. It is safe too. However, make sure to download it from their main website or reliable and renowned websites.

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