Can you use Super Glue for fake Nails?

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Fake nails can make your hands look beautiful and stylish. Nowadays, people rush to beauty salons to put on fake nails. Fake nails are so in trend right now. What makes it more awesome is that there are many designs and materials that can help you customize your fake nails to look more attractive and fashionable. 

Whenever the salon is out of reach and you are in an emergency situation to look your best, you can apply fake nails on your own at home. You can open a mini salon at your home! But you might get short on nail supplies. Also, it might occur that you are out of nail glue at the last moment and you have no time to run to the store. This is when you think about alternatives.

One of the common questions that rises is whether superglue can be used for fake nails or not. There is a common idea out there that super glue and nail glue are quite the same and safe to use. Well, you can know more about this topic while being here.

In this article, we will discuss whether super glue and nail glue are the same or not, is super glue safe for your skin and nails? And also the safer alternatives to nail glue. We will discuss every query regarding super glue for fake nails one by one. 

Can You Use Super Glue For Fake Nails?

Technically yes, you can use Super glue for artificial nails. Super glues have similar ingredients to artificial nail glue. But, we suggest avoiding using super glue on your nails. Because it can highly damage your nails, making them rough and flaky. Also, super glue is not as durable as nail glue. So it is not a good idea to use super glue as an alternative to nail glue. 

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Is super glue and nail glue the same? What is the difference?

There are different glues available for different purposes out there in the stores. Some glues are extremely safe while some come with hazardous side effects. 

You might assume super glue is the same as nail glue. But this assumption is wrong in many cases. Nail glue is manufactured to be safe for external use on the skin. On the other hand, super glues are designed for industrial purposes making them quite unsuitable for use on human skin. 

Super glues have a very pungent smell that can cause irritations. They can be harsh on your skin and nails.

Some super glues have the ingredient called cyanoacrylate, which is the same product used in artificial nail glue. Yet, it is not recommended to use super glue directly on the skin.  

What Happens If You Use Super Glue For Fake Nails? Is It Bad For Your Skin and Nails?

You can use super glue to repair broken nails, both natural and acrylic. As we have stated previously, super glues have the same ingredients (cyanoacrylate) as artificial nail glue,  you can use it. But using super glue for fake nails comes with a price. This means using super glue directly on the skin is not safe and it might come with adverse effects. 

Yes, Super glue is bad for your skin. In fact, it damages your skin and nails. 

Generally, super glues are not tested on the human skin. So, you can see on most super glue packs with warnings of safety and avoid contact with skin. Superglues are made with heavy chemicals and not manufactured in sterile conditions. So when directly applied to nails, the harsh heavy chemicals of this product get absorbed into your body. Cyanoacrylate is not harmful to human skin but it is irritant and can cause serious damage if you have sensitive skin. This can cause skin irritations.

Super glues contain high amounts of etching agents. Etching agents help rough up the contact surface helping the super glue to work effectively. So, when you use super glue with etching agents on your nails, this will damage the upper layer of your nails making them exposed and weak.

Furthermore, super glue is an adhesive that is designed and tested for industrial purposes. It is manufactured in such a way that superglue is potentially very hard to come off. So, you can get the point that using superglue directly on your nails can be quite hectic to come off. There have been cases where individuals severely damage their nails in the removal process. Even, some claim to lose their nails while trying to take off super glue from their nails. 

Does Super Glue Make Fake Nails Last Longer?

There might be a conception that super glue might help artificial nails last longer than nail glue. Well, this idea is wrong. Along with cyanoacrylate, Nail glues have certain additives that make artificial nails last longer. Nail glues can provide proper moisture to the nails. It can also prevent skin irritations in case it gets in direct contact with your skin. 

And obviously, Nail glues have more flexible properties than super glues that are designed for safe use for skin and nails that prevent brittle and other damage to nails. 


Everyone wants flawless fashionable nails. People try out artificial or fake nails to make their hands look attractive. So in that case, Nail glue is very mild and safe for your nails and skin. On the contrary, Super glues contain high amounts of heavy chemicals making them risky for your nails. That’s why, even if you can use, don’t do it since it will cost your nails a heavy price in future.

When super glue comes in direct contact with your skin, it tends to damage your nails making them weak and brittle. It also causes certain skin irritations and other discomforts to the body. So, we recommend avoiding using super glue as an alternative to nail glue. There are various safer alternatives to try on your nails to make them look attractive and stylish.

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