Fix Samsung TV Black Screen

Fix Samsung TV Black Screen

Samsung is one of the best in the business regarding TVs or smart TVs. Samsung TVs are well renowned for their service and premium quality. The TVs will cost you a pretty good figure, and that’s why when unexpected problems become very frustrating like your TV screen has turned black or isn’t showing anything. 

What is the black screen? When you turn on your TV, you are greeted first by a black screen. You can see the lights on the screen, but there is no content on the screen. Your screen is entirely black. It does not respond at all.

In this case, you have to find out the problem first. Check all loose loads or cables attached to the back of the TV. Select the appropriate input device, turn off the power settings menu, and update the TV firmware. The battery of your remote may be down. Change the batteries on your remote control. You can also unplug your TV, plug in the plug in, try hard to reset your TV, and connect it to a different location.

In case you find it quite hard to fix, here are some solutions given. Follow them properly before you take any further steps. 

What Results In Samsung TV Screen Black Screen 

There may be many reasons to see a black screen. It can be a loose input cable. Maybe there was a software error on the android TV or something along the lines. If you can still hear the sound, do not dismiss the problem as a hardware failure. There may still be hope.

  1. There may be an active energy-saving mode on your TV. If you set a bedtime, or something similar, that can happen. Some recent TVs have a feature to turn off the display while receiving audio input.
  2. Perhaps the HDMI TV port is not connected correctly to the input device. The input device can be a set-top box, PC, and whatever. Therefore, you may need to check there.
  3. Make sure the power supply on the input device is complete. You may have turned on the TV but forgot the input device enabled. For example, a DVD player or set-top box is not enabled.
  4. There may be a problem at the end of the source device. If you are using an Android Samsung TV, it may be an application problem. Your internet connection may cause a communication problem. There may also be a problem with the set-top or cable box not providing input.
  5. In case your Samsung TV is connected to a PC or laptop, make sure the correct display screen is set. Make sure your Samsung TV also has the proper settings for any device you are using.
  6. Outdated TV firmware is also one of the leading problem issues. You can continue to check for updates or contact support for this.

You will diagnose and solve various problems below. But if there are no working solutions, you can mark it as a hardware problem. There may be a damaged part of the motherboard or your Samsung TV display. If so, you will need to take it to fix it. But before that, let’s jump into our main topic.

How To Fix Samsung TV Black Screen 

1: Reboot TV

If your Samsung TV is frozen, a reboot can usually fix the problem. A reset will not erase your personal information or settings, but it may temporarily open some apps you previously deleted.

If your Samsung Tv has problems not responding, you can restore it to life by performing a soft reset. To do this, disconnect the TV for 60 seconds and reconnect it. This will fix any problems that may arise due to the temporary interruption.

Restarting can fix the problem. Restarting the TV is something most people have never heard of, let alone how to get it out. Restarting the TV will fix any problems you may have with your TV, from more complex issues like slow wifi to more complex issues such as failure to charge fully. To restart your TV, you need to: unplug the power cord and press and hold the power button on your remote control for 30 seconds.

2: Check that the cable is connected

When connecting a smart TV to your smart hub, make sure all cables are correctly connected and secured by connecting them securely to its holes. However, if the cable is loose or slightly connected – even if it is not an HDMI cable – this may also cause you to feel the black screen of death. To solve this problem, make sure all your cables are properly connected and secure in their holes.

It would help if you connected the cables firmly and correctly when using the Samsung TV. Check the label on the TV that tells you how to connect the input cable, power source, or any other cables. For example, it could say: “Input” on one side of the cable and “TV” on the other.

Samsung TV has a problem with the signal. It is not broken – the problem is actually with the cable. First, check to see if all cords are properly connected. You can do this quickly by going to the menu: Settings> Support> Device Care> Personalization> Signal Info. Check for any red flags in signal history.

3: Change the TV settings

Samsung smart TV has a few installation options. Be sure of how many cable ports it got. When you connect an external device to it, you need to change the installation settings of your TV. Because if not, your TV will continue to see and play its default input. Therefore, if your Samsung TV has a black screen, it may have incorrect installation settings. To adjust the black screen of the Samsung TV, you must change your TV input settings accordingly. Suppose you have connected a Roku streaming device to your TV. Switch your TV input to HDMI.

Here’s how to change Samsung TV input settings:

Click the “Source” button on the Samsung TV remote.

Then, select the correct installation option.

If your TV has a few HDMI ports, you can try selecting all the HDMI input options one by one. Doing this will help you to determine the correct installation.

After this, the black screen on your Samsung TV should disappear.

If not, check that the externally connected device is turned on, as you may have accidentally turned it off while checking the cable or cable holes.

4. Use Stabilizer As UPS For Power

Samsung TV display screen app

A flexible power supply is a leading cause of many hardware problems. It can cause your Samsung TV to overheat, or the display may not work correctly. As a result, you may end up with a black screen of death. Excessive unstable power supply leads to many other similar problems.

Try using UPS to provide your TV with moderate feeds. The UPS or Stabilizer helps maintain energy flow. Therefore, it reduces the chances of going up and down and keeps the connection stable.

6. Check the Input Source

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The source for installing the device you use to watch something on your Samsung TV. Other examples of input sources are Set-Top Box, Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

Why is this important? Because the problem may be at the end of your input source and not on the TV. Go ahead and check the connection to the input device. Make sure it has no damage or no connection.

Device cables may not work properly. There may also be a lack of communication. For example, if you are using an Amazon Fire TV Stick, make sure you have a wifi connection.

This step will help you minimize the problem if it is not at the end of your Samsung TV. As a result, you can take proper action.

7. Set the Right Input Device

Samsung External Device Manager option

Your Samsung Smart TV probably comes with an excellent input selection option. Allows you to store various input devices. After that, you can choose one as a source of entertainment.

You can get a black screen of death error if the wrong input is selected. In some cases, the settings change automatically. It is possible if another input device is activated and then lowered. Either way, you can fix the problem by following these steps:

Your Samsung TV remote will have an ‘External Power Source’ button; press it.

This will open the options on your TV screen. Go to Input Settings. See if all of the correct inputs are turned on.

If there is a device that you no longer use, disable it in the list.

Make sure you save the settings. Check if the error remains. 

8: Turn Off Sleep Time or Energy Saving Mode

If you are going to use your TV for a long time, you may need to turn it off at some point. But what about all those apps running in the background? There is a clever way to turn off your TV, and a better way to turn it on again. A smart bedtime calculator and energy-saving mode will help your TV save energy.

However, if your TV has a power-saving or timer-enabled setting, disabling it may solve the Black Screen of Death problem.

Disabling Sleep Time on TV:

Click the Home option on the remote to open the menu.

Settings> Time and select Sleep Time.

Use the arrows on the remote to lock it.

Here’s how to turn off energy-saving mode on your TV:

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Navigate to Settings, and Save Power.

Change the setting from Open to Off.

If you turn off both the Sleep Time feature and the Power Save mode on your smart TV, it is likely that the black screen error will continue. However, we recommend that you try a different solution to fix this.

9: Update TV Firmware

Samsung’s black screen of death problem is due to the display of the display firmware. However, updating that setting with the new firmware can fix it.

The black screen is a significant problem for Samsung TV owners due to a bug in the firmware, which prevents users from viewing anything on their TVs. The only thing that comes up is a black, idle screen that favors television producers who try to instill love and trust in their customers.

On TV, the firmware is the one that drives everything from channels to menus. : you can not access anything on your TV without it – and updating it is so simple that even if you do not have the technical knowledge, you can update it comfortably on your couch.

Samsung TV firmware updates can be made in the settings menu. If the screen is dark for a while, you can easily change it.

Settings> Support> Software Update> Update Now. Smart Hub may restart automatically during the process.

10: Reset your Smart TV as before

If your TV is already new, yet you are still facing an error, and no matter what you do, it will not go away, there is an easy solution. If you are using your TV, in most cases, you need to reset your device as before.

This should resolve any software-related issues on your Smart TV and delete any user data that is already on your TV. Just be aware of your login details and make sure you back up any critical data before resetting.

To reset your Samsung TV:

Use the Samsung remote control to navigate to the following: Settings> Support> Diagnostics> Reset and enter in the Security Pin option, and then click Yes.

When setting up a TV, make sure you set things up correctly. Set up smart TV properly to reduce the risk of error.

If you need to restore data on your smart TV, connect it to your Samsung account. With the use of Samsung Cloud, all your user data will be restored automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

11: Replace the streaming device

Have you already checked the cable connection of your TV? What about its input settings, sleep timer, and energy-saving mode?

Suppose the black screen on your TV stays on even after doing all the above troubleshooting steps. Then, no problem with your Samsung TV. Most likely, the problem is with your connected live streaming device. If you connect the faulty streaming device to your TV, its screen will probably darken. Since your TV does not receive any signals from it, to find out if your live streaming device is a problem, try connecting a different one to your TV. If one has worked, take it as an obvious sign that your streaming device is broken.

Your only solution is to replace it.

12: Remove the motherboard

This is a challenging thing to try, but it can help fix our problem with a black screen. Follow these simple steps:

You must carefully unplug all the screws on the back of your TV.

Then find the motherboard of your TV and disconnect all cords and ribbons attached to it.

Take the circuit board.

Make sure all dust, if any, is gone and your motherboard is clean.

Replace the motherboard with the TV.

Make sure you connect all the wires.

Related Problems

Samsung TV Black Screen No Menu

Samsung black screen is an error that happens when your Samsung TV display says “no input signal” or stops working. The owners of Samsung TV say that the black screen of death suddenly appears on the TV after good use of it, but they may notice some warning signs before the TV is completely shut down: the TV buttons suddenly stop working, and they lose contact with all other devices.

Here’s how to solve the red tint problem on your new smart TV: First, check if the lines on the screen are permanent or not. When the lines on the screen are moving, it means that the HDMI cable and the DVD cable are not correctly connected. If so, disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable properly to the TV and harp. Then check to see if the problem remains.

What May Prevent Samsung TV from appearing on the screen

Your mobile device is connected to a VPN.

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is commonly used when you work from home and need to connect your computer or mobile to a work network. Check that your mobile device is not connected to a VPN when using the selected application, as some VPN applications transmit all VPN traffic and, as a result, make your TV device invisible.

Samsung TV stays black for a few seconds

When my Samsung TV went black for a few seconds, I thought there was a problem with digital streaming. Then I noticed that the matter was connected to the cable box again. When I restarted both, the problem seemed fixed.

So, when my TV is black for a few seconds, it seems to be the result of my cable box and digital streaming reducing any screen error.

Samsung TV Screen Darkens Then Turns On

Significant parts of a TV screen, and it is essential that it is not dark when you watch it. This seems to happen with the owner of the Samsung TV recently. They were watching TV when suddenly the screen rang and returned, repeating this cycle several times until the video input was finally changed.

Samsung knows the story of the black screen not appearing on their TVs. We have all experienced the same thing, which can be very frustrating. The best way to deal with this issue and eliminate the problem is to check your power cable. If you have a loose socket on the wall or behind your TV, make sure the cable is connected correctly.

Reset Samsung TV When Screen Is Black

In case you can see menu options by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote, you can reset the TV generally by going to Settings and selecting the “Reset Default” option. However, if you cannot see this menu option, the TV may have a hardware problem. It is best to let the Samsung professional technician look at the hardware issue.


Fixing your Samsung TV black screen is not as hard as it sounds. You follow the steps properly, check your cable connection, factory reset your TV or follow other instructions, and you will be able to detect your problem and solve it. 

In case you are not able to fix it, don’t take any absurd steps, or things will get worse. Contact Samsung customer care service and take your tv to experts. Check your warranty is still available. Your warranty will give you significant relief. Samsung customer care service is very responsive and always tries to help their customers. So, you don’t need to be panicked if you can’t fix it; contact them. 

I hope you have got valuable instructions and these instructions will surely help you out.

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