Have a Great Weekend

Have a Great Weekend

The weekend is the best thing to ever happen in a week. Working or spending all six days on daily necessities is quite tiring. Sometimes it is even worse than other times. This is why we all love it when someone says, “Tomorrow is the weekend.” This line is sweeter than honey to us who work all week relentlessly. The working day before the weekend is something we always look forward to. Though we want to finish the work on time and want to leave right away, courtesy doesn’t let us do so. Bidding our colleagues and classmates or anyone whom we are going to leave behind for a day has been engaged with our lives.

“Have a great weekend” is the basic phrase we all use while bidding our peers. However, many of us get confused with “Have a great weekend,” “Have great weekends,” or even “Have a great weekends.” Approaching this problem with the grammatical rules will solve this in no time. If we see the simple rules we have been introduced all the time, the solution lies there.

Have a Great Weekend

This one is, of course, an accurate sentence to begin with. When wrapping up our work or saying bye before the weekend, we use this sentence. It is an optative sentence that remarks on someone’s wish. This sentence means we wish them to enjoy their weekend and return to work on the next workday with a good mind. It is vastly used in our life and almost everyone prefers using it over something long or very short. 

No one would like to hear a long wish before their precious weekend whether it is for us or not. Also, using something like “Okay, bye” sounds off or discourteous. That’s why “Have a Great weekend” comes to the rescue. This is correct both grammatically and formally.

Have great Weekends

At one point, this line is also correct. If you want to say bye to all of your colleagues altogether, wishing them to have great weekends is accurate. It does not mean a single person having lots of weekends. Rather it means a lot of people having a great weekend. To make it short, you just wanted to bid them together. Nothing else. In this sense, the above sentence is definitely correct.

Have a great weekends

This line seems peculiar from the very first. When we use ‘a’ or ‘an’ as the article, it will automatically refer to one thing or person. No matter what person you use, the ‘a’ will determine how many you want to refer. “Have a great weekends” is not the right one. Weekends refer to several weekend which is plural or more than one. Using the article ‘a’ is wrong to use before ‘weekends.’ 

That’s why this line is incorrect.

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