How Big Are Traffic Lights?

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In major cities, one of the major problems is traffic. The journey is much more frustrating and we just want to reach our destination somehow. Traffic problems happen at an intersection, where many vehicles face each other and they need to cross each other’s paths safely and in a time-efficient way. Traffic lights were invented to maintain traffic problems in a decorated way. These signals control intersections in the right way. 

When we get stuck in traffic some questions come into our minds. Our curious minds want to know how big the traffic lights are and how they work. Today I am going to share a detailed article about the length and diameter of traffic lights and many interesting details about them.

How big is a traffic light lens?

The average height of a traffic signal is 30 inches tall (8 inches per lens ) and 9.5 inches wide. And there are other kinds of traffic signals which have a 12 inches lens and 42 inches in height. 

There are also traffic lights of different heights which are found in different places around the world. I have given you the information about average traffic lights which are mostly available. 

Understanding Traffic Lights & How Traffic Signals Work

Traffic lights and signals are mostly located on the front side of a road at intersections and it is important to understand them and follow them as well. Making any mistakes will cause an unwanted traffic jam or other problems. 

There are three colors of traffic lights. Red, yellow, and green. There are also various types of signals, steady, flashing, and arrow.  

Steady traffic signals 

A red light commands you to stop and wait until it turns green. You are not allowed to pass your vehicle when the red light gets turned on. It is illegal to break the signal and it is very dangerous.

A yellow light notifies you that the signal is about to turn red and you have a very short time to pass. You need to slow down because it is turning red and it is not safe to run fast. People often speed up seeing the yellow signal but it is not the right thing to do.

Seeing a green light is a big relief for the people stuck in traffic jams. Greenlight means you are good to go.

Flashing traffic signals 

Flashing red lights also tells them to stop and flashing yellow lights also have the same meaning as normal yellow light. 

There is no flashing green light. 

Arrow traffic signals 

Arrow signals give you commands in the directions of the signal. A red arrow means you can not go in the direction of the light until it turns green. 

The yellow arrow means you need to turn in that direction carefully and the green arrow means you can go.

How Traffic Signals Play a Significant Role?

Controlling traffic is very complex in urban areas. Traffic engineers put a lot of thought into how to make the process safely and efficiently as well. Traffic signals offer a balance in the traffic problems. In urban areas, the traffic system needs to be handled in a decorated way. Traffic signals are playing a very important role in maintaining traffic. They secure a safe path for the passer-by and give a limited time for people who want to cross the roads.  

Why it is Important to Obey Traffic Signals?

Traffic signals are very important for our safety as they play a vital role in maintaining traffic. Collisions will happen if traffic signals are broken. It will also cause worse kinds of traffic jams. As all the roads of an area are interconnected and traffic harmony of one’s depended on others. 

You will face financial loss if you break any signal as you will face a fine for it. And things may go worse if an accident happens. If you break any rules or signals you put yourself at risk and others too. 


You finally know the actual height and width of traffic lights. Be sure to maintain the traffic rules properly and make sure you understand the traffic signals and follow them. Your action affects the whole traffic system of your area and if you break any law you have to pay a fine and many problems as well.

In this modern era, advanced computer programs are used to make traffic systems easier and more efficient. Software engineers and data scientists are getting involved in improving the system.

Share your thoughts about traffic signals and if you have any ideas or something exciting to share, you are most welcome.

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