How to clean Samsung refrigerator?

How to clean Samsung refrigerator?

Living a healthy life is considered bliss. The less you are healthy, the more discomforting and irritating it will feel passing a day. And a healthy life comes from a clean and healthy environment. The place you are living and the things you use on a have to be clean in order for you to live a great life. One of the most used things in our house is the refrigerator. Not just once, we need to use it several times every day. The odor, spills, and other spots make it dirty and easier for germs to generate. Though almost all brands of refrigerators have the same cleaning procedure but the compartments, drawers do not have the same putting on-off technique.

That’s why we will just discuss how to clean the Samsung refrigerator in this article and also some of the things one should always follow no matter what their fridge is. Deep cleaning is what a fridge needs once a year and it is really simple once you get used to it. The recommended time to get it done is 20 minutes. You would not want your food to become waste.


When cleaning your refrigerator the first thing is to remove all the food, and things you have got inside it. Everything should be emptied out and you can put them aside. 

  • It is time to remove the bins on every side of the door. You can remove them just by holding them with both hands and moving them upwards. To remove the shelves, slightly turn them up at the front and slide them upwards. You should do it with both hands to avoid unnecessarily dropping them or accidents.
  • Now that you have made it empty, prepare a mixture of 1:3 ratio of vinegar and water in a spraying bottle or you can dump a towel in that mixture. If you do the first one sprinkle the vinegar all over the spot and every corner along with the parts where drawers and shelves were. And if the latter, you just have to wipe down the fridge with that damp cloth.
  • Clean the drawers and shelves in a similar way.
  • You have to wait a few minutes after sprinkling vinegar if you did not clean the fridge for a long time, otherwise, you can immediately wipe it with a clean cloth. It cleans real quick.
  • Moreover, the odor also will disappear quickly.
  • Now you can put back the foods and rearrange them the way you want. It will not even take more than 10 minutes.
  • To clean the freezer, the procedure is the same. If there is frozen ice, you should turn it off or plug the fridge off for 15-20 minutes for them to defrost. Then empty out the freezer and clean it the same way. 
  • It would be a wise choice to contact a professional if your freezer has excessive frozen ice because it indicates some problems with the freezer.

Vinegar is the most affordable and safest product to clean your refrigerator.

Things to do all the time

There are some things one should always follow to keep their fridge clean and it will be easier for you when you deep clean your fridge once a year. They are:

  • You should mildly clean your refrigerator once a  month like you can clean the spills, messes, crumbs. 
  • Immediate cleaning after spilling or dropping something should be considered.
  • Get rid of the expired and spoiled food regularly.
  • If there is an odor, get rid of it immediately by using baking soda or vinegar. You can try to do it. After drinking green tea or coffee, dry them and pour them inside a breathable cloth bag. Keeping it inside the fridge will keep the odor away. You can change the beans or tea leaves after a week or else it will also start smelling.

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