How to Remove color street nails?

How to Remove color street nails?

Going to the salon and spending a good amount of money to give your nail the best look you want is not always welcoming. Time and money do not match up with our preferences all the time. Also, the damage they do to our nails should be considered. 

Sometimes we just want to change the design or color even after the day we went to the salon. So, it definitely is not the best thing that we go again and change it. All these downsides had been cleared when color street released their product. 

Those who are always up to date with nails fashion would absolutely know what color street is. Still, we must clear this up to those who are still pretty new in this field.

What is Color Street?

So basically, to save your nails from damaging and spending extra time and money, a company named color street came up with the idea of nail stickers. These stickers come in lots of designs, colors, and sizes also. That’s why they fit in every size or type of nail. It is affordable, requires zero mess. You just have to peel off the stickers, put them on nails perfectly, gently tap them, and omit the excess parts.

It is just a stimulating form of going to the salon for doing manicures and nails. Color Street offers the best sticker service for nails at different price points. So every class of people can do their nails luxury.

These nail stickers stay at least ten days and sometimes the time lengthens. In this case, you can change the design aka stickers any time you want when you feel it to do so.

Does color street have a variety of designs?

Of course, they have. There are lots of colors, designs, and strips that one might become confused about which one to buy. The market of this thing is so high that the company had to limit it to two per order. That means you cannot buy more than two designs in one order. If they did not do it, one customer would get a lot of design and some other ones would get none due to their limited product. You can easily check their designs whenever you want from their website or Instagram account. 

From complex design to simple design, they have everything.

How to apply color street nails perfectly?

Now that we have to know what color street is, how they work; we also should know how to apply them. Otherwise, it would be a waste to apply them amateurly. We gotta wash our hands really well that even the salon does.

  • The first step is just like any other would do to do their nails. Wash them and remove the nail polish if there is any. Clean it with any nail polish remover. Prepare the nails by pushing back the cuticles, file the edges for a clean and smooth nail bed. Since the stickers will be placed on your real nails or you can use them on your fake nails if you can. 
  • After that, selecting your preferred strips to match with the nails is the right thing to do. Match them with each of your nails so that any unnecessary mishap won’t happen.
  • Now, peel the stickers off and put them on the nail right away since you would not want the glue to dry out. Because that way, the longevity of stickers will only lessen. Put the side of the base part on your nails and gradually put it towards the edge. The best thing is that the stickers are stretchy and you can stretch them to a certain point to make them stick with the right size of your nails.
  • Since there will be excess, you can just fold them on the edgy side. This is the benefit you get for putting the base part at first. After folding, cut the excess thing off. It should be done with extra caution because a simple mistake can ruin your precious design on the nails.

If you can put them perfectly, they will last really long. To apply it immediately after peeling the stickers is an important step for the longevity of your polish.

Even after 10 days or more, there will be some remains of the stickers. Sometimes you would want to just change the design. You cannot just put another sticker on top of the previous one, right? Let’s see how to remove your color street nails?

How to Remove color street nails?

The easy and perfect way for removing color street nails has already been told by the owner of the color street, Fa Park. Since it is a sticker, anyone would just want to peel it off. But that would only damage your nails because there are adhesives to stick to your nails. That’s why Park said to use any nail polish remover or acetone to remove the polish. You just do it the way you would remove the regular ones than just peeling it off.

Here is a quick way to remove your color street nails.

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