How to remove eyelash extensions with vaseline?

How to remove eyelash extensions with vaseline?

Eyelash extensions have been introduced to make your eyes beautiful and give you a stunning appearance. Eyelashes work as curtains of eyes. So adding eyelash extensions are fair enough to enhance the beauty of your countenance and offer you the desired look.

Every girl wants a strong, long, and curved eyelash to elegantly express beauty. Using glue or lash adhesive, you can easily put on the eyelash extensions to bring out the highlighting natural and sensual look. They last for long and give unremitting services. Eyelash extensions are so user-friendly than the strenuous process of applying lashes that existed a few decades ago. To affix eyelash extension, glue or adhesive are generally used. Since 1916, eyelash extensions have been underused.

These lashes are available to buy but there arise a lot of questions when it’s time to remove those lashes. This article aims at offering you a complete guideline on how you can comfortably remove the extensions at your home.

Several ways of removing eyelash extensions

The eyelash extensions that are in use, nowadays, have a major characteristic to fall out naturally after lasting a few days. In general, after two or three weeks, they fall out automatically without any hassle of irritation. But if you do not have patience and have your fake lashes removed you can easily follow some steps using some natural and handy objects that are available in every house. Besides, if you do not want to encounter any kind of mishap, there is also another best option for you. That is to go to a professional who is an expert at doing so. A professional is always at your service to offer you an irritation-free eyelash removal experience.

But, for those who do not want to go outside and wanna do it on their own by using natural objects, the advice for you is to go through this article carefully and grab your coveted procedure. Using vaseline, coconut oil, and olive oil, one can remove the eyelash extensions at home. By doing so, you can simply save your money with which you can go to a hang-out with your friends! So now it’s time to get into the removal procedure following some easy steps with the aforementioned natural objects.

Vaseline-Causes and Effects

Whenever it’s time to take vaseline into consideration, the first thing that comes to our mind is “ a well-known brand of petroleum jelly”. Vaseline has become a common staple nowadays and has been placed in every house. To lock and moisturize the skin, its contribution is a beggar description.

So, before peeking inside deeply it is better to have a tight grip of knowledge over the idea of petroleum jelly and what purpose it serves. The history of petroleum jelly starts in 1859 when Robert chesebrough traveled to Titusville, a small town in Pennsylvania. In that place, the oil workers have been using “rod wax” which is an unrefined form of petroleum jelly and has the magical power of healing wounds or burnt skin.

Being mesmerized by the healing benefits, young Robert began doing research on the substance that was known then as rod wax. Through the various refinement and purification processes, he was able to distill a lighter and transparent gel that is the byproduct of Vaseline we know today.

What are the ingredients used to make petroleum jelly?

The mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils together form this transparent gel – “petroleum jelly” that is used to lock moisture in the skin. Moreover, it helps to reduce dryness thus repairing the damages bringing freshness and liveliness that add a striking look to the skin.

The vaseline petroleum jelly is also a mixture of triple-purified petroleum jelly besides the two elements mentioned above. Its main target is to moisturize effectively and make it last longer throughout the day.

What is petroleum jelly used for?

Vaseline petroleum jelly is hugely used all over the world and has been able to attain the beliefs of people as a trustworthy and effective byproduct because of its magical versatile usages. To protect and heal dry skin, as well as for beauty purposes (softening the skin, lips, or highlighting the cheekbones). And today, we are going to have vivid details about vaseline on how it effectively helps to remove eyelash extensions.

Removing eyelash extensions with vaseline

Vaseline is more than a petroleum jelly when it appears with its variety of usages. It is the safest and cleanest petroleum jelly found on the market. When it comes to removing eyelash extensions, the removal process should be painless and precise. So careful scrutiny must be worked to make the process easier and more effective. There are so many brands of petroleum jelly available on the market but the thing that raises the tension among the consumers is the side effects caused by the ingredients used in such products. Several potentially cancer-causing toxins might be present in other brands that have not been triply refined. But, here in the case of using vaseline, you can rest assured as we have mentioned its ingredients earlier.

All girls deserve to have gorgeous eyes that are accentuated by long, thick, and curved eyelashes. Two or three weeks after applying eyelashes, they typically come out depending on the bonding period of lash glue. But how can you get rid of those fake eyelashes before they fall out? There is Vaseline and it is all you need to get your job done.

What do you need?

  • Vaseline
  • Cotton buds or cotton ball
  • Soft piece of cloth

Follow the given steps to get your fake lashes removed:

Step 1:

Wash your hands with soap or other liquid to remove dirt and bacteria. Making yourself prepared for the whole process requires this first step.

Step 2:

Remove your makeup and wash your face. Gently remove your makeup with a makeup remover or you can take help with some other natural and homemade stuff as an alternative to makeup remover. Be very careful while washing in the eye area. Remove eyeliner and mascara very consciously so that your eyelash extensions appear clearly. Wash your face with water and pat gently. It will lead you to a smooth removal process.

Step 3:

Be prepared for taking steam. The hot steam loosens the glue around eyelash extensions and helps you to remove them easily. Pour a little amount of water and put it on the stove. Wait until it is boiled. Take it out and drape a towel over you and make sure it is covered. Then take your face close to the water bowl and start steaming your face for nearly 10-15 minutes. This process weakens the bond of eyelash glue or adhesive and helps you to get your job half done.

Step 4:

Dip a cotton swab into the petroleum jelly and try to use it as a brush. Make sure you close your eyes otherwise it can cause irritation if it goes around the eye accidentally.

Step 5:

Apply the cotton swab in a downward manner, starting at the beneath level of your natural lashes. Continue this task for a few minutes to complete the whole procedure. Then gently remove the extensions by pulling them out with care.

Step 6:

Use a piece of cloth to wipe off the extra gel around the eye area. Then
wash your face again to remove the extra vaseline, and then wipe it off.

Step 7:

Apply a toner and moisturizer. Go ahead with your daily skincare routine.

The tips and tricks that should be kept in mind while removing eyelash extensions with vaseline–

  • Be very careful and make sure that the gel does not get into your eyes. If something happens like that, douse your eyes in cold water and see a doctor. Otherwise, this small issue can be a big impediment in the future.
  • Seeking assistance will help you to do your job perfectly and easily. Instead of struggling on your own, try to grab a partner who can help you in this case. When a partner is there for help, the task becomes more manageable. This reduces the challenging moment and other incidents that might have occurred if you do it on your own.
  • Having your hands cleaned is one of the mandatory issues. If your hands are dirty that may cause and spread infections, rashes, redness, and many other unbearable situations.
  • Preserve in mind that you should not keep lash extensions with the exception of reusing them.
  • If eyelash extensions still haunt you and you are apprehensive about doing it yourself, you can take the help of professionals. Visit a salon or beauty parlor and ask your beautician to remove the extensions. The removal process in a beauty parlor is done with extra care.
  • Avoid pulling or tugging eyelash extensions as there is a possibility of ripping off your natural eyelash too. Close your eyes completely to avoid allergic reactions. With care and caution, you can happily remove your lash extensions by staying at home.

Other queries-

If it is the first time you remove your lash extensions, it is natural to get into trouble and get heckled with a lot of questions. You may get confused about whether it is better to do it at home or go to a professional.

The best option is to go to experts as they have been doing so for a long time. Their experience will help you to remove all your complexities. But, if you want to remove lash extensions on the basis of your comfort zone, there are some hacks you can take help with. This article is based on using vaseline but still, there are other alternatives you can try out depending on your comfort area and the things that are available to you.

Alternative ways to vaseline in order to remove eyelashes!

Vaseline petroleum has the power to break down the bonding of adhesive and lash glues. It weakens that bonding and makes the removal process easier. But still, there are other options for you to remove the lashes. The following ideas are some of them-

  • Eyelash Glue Remover
  • Coconut Oil
  • Baby Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Baby Wipes


The usages of vaseline for removing eyelash extensions has been practiced for a long time. Because of its effectiveness, and several other reasons it has been a daily necessity among people. This article has been artistically focused on keeping the necessity of one of vaseline’s usage. So, try it out and make your daily life routine bouncy and chipper!


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