How To Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator?

How To Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Refrigerators can become the reason for headache when it is not functioning properly. It is expensive both for fixing it or even buying a new one. Sometimes a simple issue is solved through a good amount of money. And resetting a refrigerator is something simple but tricky to those who never attempted it to do so.

Some problems can be solved simply by resetting our refrigerator which saves quite a lot of money of ours. However, different refrigerator brand requires a different approach to be reset. We will cover the Whirpool refrigerator reset process through this article. Let this humble article help you in your tough times.

Why should you reset your refrigerator?

It is recommended to reset your refrigerator if it is not functioning well like it was before. Resetting the control panel is the basic thing to do when this appliance does not work properly or gives out an unnecessary beep sound. 

The main thing a refrigerator is supposed to do is refrigerate foods, products that are easily ruined. And if it does not cool properly, what is the purpose of this product? The cooling problem is one of the common ones we face. Dwelling on it will lead to ruin the foods and even collapse the refrigerator. And that time only buying a new one will be the sole solution. To solve the colling problem, resetting it is also the basic step we can perform. 

Also, resetting a refrigerator will reset the whole system along with temperature settings. That means you can customize it the way you see it suffice. Sometimes, this step makes the energy cost decrease. 

Why does my Whirlpool Refrigerator stop cooling?

This widely-known problem sometimes happens so frequently that we cannot help but ask why does it happen? What is the main problem so that we can solve it from the core? 

Condenser coils help heat dissipation or release the heat compressed from the foods inside the refrigerator. After a while, this coil is piled up with dirt and remains clogged up. This leads to the coil not releasing heat making the refrigerator not cooling the products. 

To not let this happen again, you have to clean the coil from time to time. You can vacuum it from coils situated either behind or under the fridge. Also, keeping the behind wall or floor clean will help the fridge be in a good state. At this point, you should also check if the fan is running well without having anything stuck on it. This fan feature is only available on refrigerators of which coils are situated below. However, this is to resist this problem before happening. To make the whirlpool refrigerator run properly again, we have to reset it.

Another reason to lose cooling power is because of power going in and out a couple of times. Resetting the fridge will solve it anyway.


To make sure your refrigerator cools the foods, resetting it is the correct way. You may have noticed there is a triangular switch inside both the refrigerator and freezer. The lights go off when you close the door hitting this switch to be turned off. 

When you see the problem occurring, press the button of your refrigerator three times and wait for at least five seconds and then redo the procedure on the freezer as well. And wait at least 10-15 minutes for the result. This is called soft-reset and that triangular switch is the reset button. Most refrigerator problems are solved through the soft reset.

If your problem is basic, this step alone will solve the problem and you can hear the compressor running again. However, sometimes it needs the control panel to be reset for running again.

Apart from solving the cooling problem, control panel resetting helps with numerous problems of the whirlpool. This procedure will even let you tweak the temperature after it is successfully done.

How to reset my Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Resetting, more specifically hard resetting the refrigerator is one of the easiest things if you follow it well. Rather than letting the problem go worse, you should try the hard reset which will most likely solve your problem. Now, let’s not wait any more time and get straight into it.

You might have come across these “resetting means unplugging” kinda words. It is true to a degree by the way. Since most of us have the plugs on the wall behind the refrigerator, moving out the appliance will let the work be easier. That’s why to move it out from the wall or just move it forward to the point that you can work behind it and unplug it. 

After you unplug it, shut the control panel off and wait for about 15-20 minutes on average. When this average wait for it over, plug the refrigerator in which is as easy as you have unplugged it. You can then tweak the temperature settings by resetting it or leave as it is after the rest. After putting the refrigerator back in its place, you have to wait for a whole to see the change.

 Remember, the whole procedure helps the compressor go back to its operation which needs time to do so. That’s why you may have to wait more than 24 hours, though it rarely happens with anyone. Another thing to note is that you must wait for several minutes after unplugging to let the system reset. Otherwise, it won’t reset if you plug it in again without waiting.

This follow-up will let you reset the refrigerator. Though a whirlpool refrigerator has many features and options that sometimes need to be reset alone such as the water filter, ice maker, etc. 

How to keep your refrigerator healthy all the time?

A refrigerator is one of the essential things we need in our daily life since it keeps the food fresh and does not let it ruined. But to keep the refrigerator going on without any problems and keep cooling the foods, we should do some simple work. That way, you will save up a lot of money and it will run for a long time. You should remember that a freezer works the best when it is packed well and the refrigerator works well if you keep enough space between the foods. If you place them too tight, it won’t be able to cool that part of food thus making it go rotten.

Cleaning and vacuuming the condenser coil will let it have a clear way to release heat. Also, one should keep cleaning the floor and wall clean to not let the refrigerator be piled up in the dirt. Tech product works well in a dirt-free state.

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