Is Asus a good brand for laptop?

Let’s go through this article that we have written based on our personal experience and other customers’ review if Asus is good for Laptops or not?

Buying a tech product while researching requires a lot of time and hard work. And when it is something pricey, the matter becomes more intense we don’t know if the product is actually good or not. Relying on the sites that review products and customer reviews are the most common thing we go through before buying a product. 

When it comes to buying a laptop online, the reason for harder research is to not be scammed with a poor product. Since we will be spending a huge amount of money, things like this should be handled with caution.

There are actually a huge number of Laptop manufacturers all around the world, be it famous or not. One of the notable names comes to mind when the laptop is mentioned and that is Asus. If you are familiar with computer-related tech apparatus, Asus is a common name for you. However, knowing it by name and knowing it all are both different things. Before buying a laptop, we always should know beforehand whether my chosen brand for the laptop is reliable or not. The same thing applies to the famous Asus as well. Is Asus a good brand for Laptop?

Let’s go through this article that we have written based on our personal experience and other customers’ review. Is Asus best or just good for Laptops? 

Is ASUS a Good Laptop brand or not?

To check if Asus is good or not, we have to go through some things and features of the products. Because the durability, reliability, and overall performance make a product either good or bad. The materials, build quality, versatility, price to performance, and overall quality are what we want to check before saying it is a good one. 

Materials and Build quality

A good laptop is born with high-quality materials since it is not some kind of toy we would play with once or twice. It is for at least a few years. ASUS has always been famous for its sturdy build quality. The materials are of premium components and the design also are sleek and stylish. One cannot help but go in awe when looking at the outer design of the ASUS product.

Interior Parts

Processor, Graphics card, RAM, SSD, and storage are some of the most important things that we must know of before buying a Laptop. The hardware ASUS uses is also of brand quality and their performance is top-notch as well. Though the price varies when even high-quality components are used, the fact of using good parts still remains. The RAM capacity also varies. Laptop for daily use and laptop for productivity or gaming is the complete opposite of each other. After choosing the brand you like, these components are the first thing you should consider as you need.


Since ASUS uses some best build quality materials, the durability of its products doesn’t need to be suspected. The products are durable and they have at least a 1-year warranty. Though some of them run better for a few more years, it is good to be cautious.


Whether you are looking for a low-budget laptop or a high-end laptop, ASUS has them all going. From a couple of hundred bucks to thousands of bucks, you can any of the Laptops in ASUS. 

Performance Quality

A good and stable performance is also another thing to detect a good product. When it is ASUS, provides the best high-end and raw performance compared to others. For the price and solid build quality, they provide their best performances as well. And, that is what makes ASUS superior.

Things to look back

Everything in this world has faults, be it small or big. Even if we don’t want to admit it, the fact is inevitable. Being one of the best and famous brands does not erase the fact that, ASUS may also have some defects. 

The heavyweight many ASUS laptops possess is something not to overlook if you are constantly moving. If we want to move around and also works, a lightweight laptop is the best that we can carry in our backpack without struggling. Anyway, there are some choices in ASUS for lightweight features. But that does not mean it is going to crisscross the issue.

Moreover, ASUS tends to update its product more often. Unless you are someone who wants to go along with the latest things, this might not be a problem for you. There is also this thing, the latest releases of ASUS laptops don’t contain CD disk or DVD file option. This is another reason why many users don’t buy an ASUS laptop.

The fact that ASUS has only a few service centers and nothing new. It is something that all ASUS users know. There is even someplace where ASUS has no service center. We hope that ASUS knows it and create more of them.

ASUS, as a Laptop brand

ASUS is definitely a good brand for laptops. From build quality to performance, everything has a good overview. The hardware on which the whole laptop depends is also of high quality. So as an answer to the question, it is yes. It is a good brand for laptops and this is not the end. After choosing the brand, you have to check the products, their features, and answer this question that whether it will be a good purchase or not.

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