Is Doordash safe? Is Doordash legit?

Is Doordash safe?

At present times, the dependency on online services is increasing day by day. Nowadays people work from home, buy their necessities online from home and also try buying restaurant food from home. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the lives of every individual living in every corner of the world. This pandemic is the main reason for the rising favorability of online services to be enjoyed at home. Due to this pandemic, people started spending more valuable time indoors or at home and less outdoors.

Many online platforms for shopping and buying restaurant-quality food have risen to popularity. People these days order food online from home. One of the popular online platforms for ordering food is Doordash. If you are a person living in America, Canada, or Australia, you must have heard about Doordash.

Recently there have been plenty of scams done by hackers or Doordash delivery men. Some complaints claim that the customers didn’t receive their food even after paying or the food was completely inedible. There have been more claims that the Dashers misbehaved with customers and the negative remarks go on. It is not that Doordash is a bad online food delivery platform, there are good remarks too. This platform rose to fame amidst the pandemic when people started staying at home more and less at shops and restaurants.

Doordash in fact helps customers have their favorite restaurant at their home at any time.  If you are a customer at Doordash, you must wonder, “Is Doordash safe?”, “Who deals with my food at Doordash?”, “How should I tip the dasher?”,  and more. Well, worry not, we are here to help with the confusion related to Doordash. In this article, we will elaborate on the good things about Doordash and of course also the bad things about this online platform. We will help you to know how to use Doordash safely and understand the scenarios where you can get scammed. Finally, you can understand whether Doordash is legitimate or a scam. So go on reading to discover information about Doordash.

What Is Doordash?

Doordash is an online food delivery service that has been offering its services in 4,000 cities located in America, Canada, and Australia since 2013. This online platform is playing a massive role in helping its customers buy groceries and food from restaurants or stores by staying home.

You can buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Doordash at any time of the day. Doordash helps people staying at home order food from their favorite restaurants and have it at home. But, with popularity comes concern. There have been plenty of questions regarding the safety measures of Doordash. Since Doordash deals with its customers’ food, there are a lot of concerns.

Can I Work for Doordash?

Along with other online food delivery platforms, the favorability and popularity increased during the pandemic. Needless to say with increasing traffic, Doordash is also hiring staff to keep up with the demand. The delivery men working for Doordash are generally called Dashers. These Dashers generally pick up the ordered grocery or food parcel and deliver it to the Doordash recipient’s address.

This online food delivery platform provides flexible hours to the Dashers. This means the employees can select their hours of work and get paid according to that. You don’t even need to have a car or motorcycle, you can be a dasher with a bike also. If you want to work for Doordash, you need to be at least 18 years old. But in some cases, they hire 21-year-old individuals to be their Dashers. So, if you are wondering about working for Doordash, you should go for it. Seize the opportunity to earn some extra money.

Is Doordash Legitimate? Or Scam?

Due to many mixed remarks, there has been a question regarding whether Doordash is a legitimate business or it is a scam. Well, Doordash is a 100% legitimate business. This application offers food delivery services for people staying at home in a safe way. This online application is completely safe if used cautiously.

Again, if you are wondering about working for Doordash, this online platform also tries to ensure the safety of its employees along with its customers. So you should go for it, in fact, it will be a good opportunity to earn some money.

There are many online food delivery applications and Doordash is one of the best. They ensure the safety and integrity of their deliveries. They even offer takeout services from places that don’t offer home delivery services. So, this makes Doordash shine out from other food delivery services.

Can You Get Scammed On Doordash?

Well, every online platform has its demerits and merits. Doordash has provided a lot of benefits to its customers. Yet, there are many negative remarks that claim to be scammed by the customers or employees. So, Yes, You can get scammed on Doordash.

One of the most common scams on Doordash is smishing. Hackers send a text message on the user’s phone to click on a link to confirm their order. In this way, when the user clicks on the link, the hacker tries to steal the user’s financial and personal details. There have been remarks by customers to claim to have received a text message confirming a food order they never actually placed that leads them to click a verification link in the text message enabling hackers to steal their financial and personal information. In this way, customers have lost a lot of money by falling into the traps laid by hackers or scammers.

Even the Doordash employees or Dashers get scammed by scammers. The scenario is like this, firstly the Dasher gets a notification about accepting a food order which is actually placed by the scammer. Later on, the Dasher receives a call from the scammer who is pretending to be a Doordash representative who cancels the order or tells about some problem regarding Dasher’s information. Then, the dasher is asked to provide the login information, so the Dasher does as he is asked to by the scammer, the scammer then immediately cashes out the earnings from the account and changes the deposit details.

What to do if I think I got scammed?

Doordash has been actively ensuring and strengthening its safety measures. Yet, some cunning scammers get their way. 

If you think that your personal information has been compromised, you should take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Firstly, you should keep checking your bank account for any suspicious transactions. You should also turn on multi-factor authentication for your account. And also you can try enabling SMS alerts so that you can get notified whenever a transaction happens. And lastly if necessary, you can just freeze your account. 

There have been various complaints about being scammed online. Some of these complaints get resolved where the hacker gets caught and the victim gets his or her belongings. But mostly the complaints are never resolved and the hacker escapes and continues to scam innocent people.

You never know when and how you can get scammed via online platforms. So, we recommend that it would be safer if you were cautious and careful about placing or delivering your orders. And always remember Doordash would never ask you your personal financial or login details so refrain from sharing these details.

Does Doordash Mess With Your Food?

There are plenty of Doordash policies explaining its Dashers about handling their customers’ food with safety. The policies include –

  • The food is placed carefully in the vehicle
  • The food containers are not opened
  • The food is transported safely in hot bags. 

Doordash is quite strict about its food safety policies. Yet, the customers have claimed that their food was messed with. Sometimes, there have been remarks by the customers at Doordash that the Dashers open their food containers and mess with the food. Even some customers claim that they got half-eaten food at their doorstep. Again, some customers even claimed that they didn’t receive the complete order meaning some of the items were missing.

Some even say they got empty containers and that their Dasher ate their food. Well, the complaints go on. So, there is a certain chance that the Dashers may mess with your food. In such cases, you can try contacting the customer support team at Doordash. They will definitely help you with your dilemma and also you will get a refund.

Is Doordash Safe?

Yes, Doordash is a 100% safe platform offering food delivery service for a long time. This site has ensured the most satisfied customers in the competition of online platforms. Doordash tries to ensure the utmost safety of its customers and employees. For customers, Doordash uses encryption software that hides the personal information of both the customer and the Dasher. In this way, the customer won’t know the Dasher’s real personal contact info and the Dasher won’t know the customer’s real contact information except for the address.

Doordash has ensured many versatile opportunities for its employees. The workers get to select their work time and also allows them to choose their delivery destination. The online platform has been said to be safe according to most Dashers. But, if the workers think that their delivery destination is not safe, they can refrain from volunteering to complete the order.

How To Use Doordash Safely?

Well, Doordash has strict protocols to ensure safety. But you should remember your safety is in your hands. This means Doordash is safe depending on how you use it. When using Doordash or any online website or application, you should be cautious about placing an order using your common sense. You shouldn’t do anything that puts you in an unsafe position or brings you any trouble. 

You should not share your personal and financial information with strangers or anybody online. Doordash never asks for personal login information from its customers and employees. So you must refrain from doing that. If you are an employee at Doordash, you can cancel the delivery if you feel the delivery area is unsafe or alarming. If you are a female Dasher, you can use a male name so that the customer won’t understand a girl is delivering their parcel. Again, you should not deliver to lonely and unsafe addresses, and also you can refrain from late-night deliveries.

Closing Thoughts

If you are cautious about your safety and personal space, then Doordash is absolutely safe to use. Unlike other online food delivery services, Doordash also has its pros and cons. We can highlight the pros but not ignore the cons. If you ever find yourself in a problematic situation, feel free to contact the support team.

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