Kindergarten or Kindergarden? How to spell correctly!

Kindergarten or Kindergarden

When it’s time to pen down, we, oftentimes, run into trouble with the correct spelling of the words even if these are used regularly in our daily life. And it can be one of the terrible and unbearable reasons that cut off marks and lead students to fall behind. Using the correct words is badly needed for our academic and pragmatic purposes in life as well.

Though we have already talked only for written purposes, it is quite substantial and has to be taken into consideration while pronouncing those words. Remember, speaking ability is something that adds extra value and brings a new dimension to your personality. So, you must be very watchful while using these confusing-spelled words in your speeches. Now, let’s take a look at a very common and regular-used word that makes reservations on readers’ minds– 

What is Kindergarten?

Before peeking into the grammatical and spelling hassle, let’s get introduced to the idea of what exactly the word kindergarten means. This is a learning place or an educational institution where children can learn and ecstatically spend their time. In a word, it serves as an introduction to school where children can receive their early education.

The term Kindergarten is used differently and its usages vary from country to country. kindergarten is commonly used in the USA, whereas in the United Kingdom it is known as Nursery School or Pre-School. Again, the Irish people address it as  ‘senior infants’ in Ireland.

Problem discussion

We have already known that kindergarten refers to the idea of a nursery school where children can learn in an enjoyable manner. The correction of this bewildering word lies in its origin. The word ‘kindergarten’ is a german word where ‘kinder’ stands for children and ‘Garten’ means garden. To give you a pellucid idea it can be structured on a whole that means ‘Garden for Children’ or  ‘Children’s Garden’.

But why does this kind of misinterpretation revolve around us?

Kindergarten is misinterpreted as ‘kindergarden’ that should not be done. People who are not that familiar with the English language often find it in the wrong way. Non-native people who have not had English as their first language often mismanage these kinds of words while pronouncing and writing them. Moreover, there are some other reasons that make barriers to the appealing sounds of these words. Some reasons can be numbered below-

  1. Oftentimes people lack in hearing pronunciation appropriately and do not intend to recover from their mistakes. Thus this problem remains an impediment.
  2. This problem occurs intensely in the case of non-native people as they do not have to deal with English on regular basis. Their plebeian voice tone makes hamper and causes an unpleasant effect on their pronunciation.


From the above discussion, it’s very apparent that the inner letters ‘T’ and ‘D’ are causing this trouble. But still, we can take it easy to remember that the word garten already means garden. As a result, we do not need another extra garden. So, use the proper and correct word – ‘kindergarten’ from now onwards.


Afroza always liked to study English which led her to write, spreading knowledge for which she is only known to do. She also enjoys home gardening where she can add to her meal prep, and DIY crafts.

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