Mouse Stuttering In Games – Solution, and Reason

Mouse Stuttering In Games - Solution, and Reason

There are many annoying situations we face while gaming such as game lagging, software not working or even mouse stuttering. This problem mostly does not get noticed until gaming becomes impossible at one time. Also, why this problem is happening is another headache. Because that is the easy way to find a solution. If we don’t know the problem, there is no way we could solve it. 

There are some reasons why mouse stuttering in games happens. If you compare them with your problem, maybe you could get a clue behind the reason and ultimately get rid of the problem. 

What is Mouse Stuttering in games?

Many of you may have encountered this question when you tried to match up the possibility of the core problem- Why does the cursor goes smooth in general but jumps or stutters in games? If this is your problem, then yes you have concluded the problem. This problem only happens while you are gaming. However, if your mouse stutters, in general, all the time, then the problem may lie om the mouse/mouse pad/software/ or some other reasons. You can search it up and you will easily get the solution. Now let’s jump onto the reason behind this petty problem.

Why does it happen?

Mouse stuttering can happen because of too fast/too slow pointer speed/ enchanted pointer precision, or even not enabled high-frequency counter. Now, since we don’t know where this problem is coming from in your case, we will check them all one by one. That way we no only can solve the problem, but also can make sure to never let this problem arise. 

How To Fix Mouse Stuttering in Games

First of all, exit the game you are playing if it’s on right now and restart the PC. It is a pretty common step when you are about to troubleshoot or solve any problems. 

Enable High-frequency Counter:

  • Go to the Start button and type Control Panel.
  • Click on the “Device Manager”
  • Now Scroll down and click on System device and it should have many options till down.
  • Search for “High precision event timer” among those options and right-click on it.
  • Then click on “enable device”

Pointer speed and precision:

  • Type mouse settings at the start button and click on “Change your mouse setting”
  • Click on “Additional mouse options” at the end of it
  • It will have another window with some tabs.
  • Go to Pointer options
  • Make the pointer speed bar to the middle
  • Then uncheck the box underneath named “Enhance Pointer precision”

Set Program setting on Nvidia Control Panel:

  • Open Nvidia Control Panel
  • Go to 3D settings > Manage 3D settings
  • Click the Program settings bar
  • Select the “Add” option and add the game you are trying to play
  • You can see specify the settings for this program and scroll down to “Maximum pre-rendered frames”
  • Make it 1
  • Scroll to “OpenGL rendering GPU” and select your GPU (Your dedicated one or the integrated one)

These solutions should fix the problem of mouth stuttering. Try gaming and see if it still stutters or not. Good luck with gaming.

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