How to know if you have a “Rejected septum piercing”?

Rejected septum piercing

Piercing is one of the most followed trends and septum piercing is already in lead. In the last few years, its number has been increasing and people are absolutely loving it. It is the second most common piercing after ear piercing. If you follow the history, septum piercing was a tradition among Indians, Bengalis, African tribes, etc. This makes this certain piercing even more special.

However, this special piercing does not come without any cons or bad sides. The worst thing is rejection. Rejected septum piercing is something awful that one would not want. Nevertheless, some of us don’t even know that it is rejecting metals and try to wear it all along. This wrong step harms the cartilage and sometimes thing turns into the worst-case scenario. 

So, how can you understand or know right away that your septum piercing is rejecting? This article is to help you know about it and what to do afterward and also what you should know about this piercing.

What do you mean by Piercing rejection?

Nobody wants rejection that is of any sort. And the piercing rejection is a devastating thing for the person who got it. Rejection means keeping something out of our life that we don’t like or have a problem with, right? Piercing rejection is also like that. Due to our immune system, our body rejects that are outer objects or can cause harm to the body. When we use the jewelry, sometimes the body acts like its own and starts to reject it.

Once the body targets something as harmful, it will by no means try to get it out even if the thing has no possible danger. Though the body is rejecting the metal, it does not mean all of your piercings will reject it. Rejected septum piercing does not mean it will also reject your eyebrow piercing. The human body is unpredictable and will do what we never can think of.

When the rejection happens, the body will push the jewelry like pushing someone out through a partition. If not taken care of, you will eventually see the metal through your skin and gradually it will be out of your skin damaging the place badly. This is the worst-case scenario that can happen with a piercing.

How to tell if your septum piercing is rejecting?

When the body rejects the jewelry and starts reacting to it, the symptoms will start showing. At first, the body will try to move the metal/jewelry slightly to a different spot. It is called migrating. Since it wants you to be healthy and want the outer thing gone from the body, it will try to help you by doing the minimal thing possible. It will slightly move the jewelry to find a spot that can be better to keep it. 

In this process, you will see redness around your septum piercing and feel pain whether you touch it or not. Sometimes the pain feels numb and you cannot feel anything. Even after migration, the body admits defeat and starts to push the metal out. Your piercing will swell while the redness and pain will just raise higher. In some cases, it does not swell, and also one’s piercing area can let out pus sometimes.

The more you delay in this case, the worst possible problem may await you. It is a must that you should go see a doctor or a professional to deal with it.

A solution to septum piercing rejection

Not all people get rid of the jewelry and drop the wish of having a septum piercing. To fix the problem of rejection, laser therapy, surgery, and steroid injections.

However, it does not mean, you will be successful and the cost is also great. Professionals said while answering the question “How to stop piercings from rejecting?” that when the body pushes the jewelry out and is rejecting it, you can do nothing. It is a natural thing and accept the way it is.

Are rejection and migration the same thing?

As we have said, migration is a process where the body moves the jewelry anywhere near the piercing. Migration happens because of rejection. It is not the same thing. It’s like cutting vegetables for cooking. Cooking is the whole reason why you are cutting vegetables.

When you see that your jewelry is migrating or changing spots, you should understand that your body is rejecting it.

Are rejection and infection the same?

No, rejection and infection are definitely not the same things. You already know why a rejection of piercing happens. Due to the body rejecting the jewelry or metal you are wearing, piercing rejects. However, infection happens due to bacteria. Bacterial infections’ symptoms are almost the same as the symptoms of rejection. Swelling, redness, painful feeling, pus, etc are all the same thing with these two.

That’s why when you cannot determine what is causing this to happen, you should seek help from the doctors.

Can I not have other piercings if my septum piercing is rejected?

Why not? There is no way you cannot have any more piercings if one of the piercings is rejected. We already said how a human body can be unpredictable and do whatever it wants. Even if your septum piercing is rejected, it does not mean, all other parts of possible piercing will be rejected.

When getting a piercing, consult with the professional and do what they advise you to.

Is it possible for a piercing to be rejected even after being well for years?

Yes, it is possible for your body to reject a piercing even if you have spent a couple of years with it. Human bodies!! Who knows why it does it suddenly without any reason. Although it happens without any valid reason, there might be something going on with the immunity system and this outer object has been targetted as a foreign or harmful object.

Can I avoid my septum piercing from being rejected?

Yes, you can avoid it being rejected. However, you can only take preventions and some cautions to avoid it. For example, don’t let the area without being taken care of, bumping onto something hard or painful, infection, etc. To take care of it, you should not let it be wet for long after showering or working out. If the rejection still happens, then there is nothing you can do other than taking the jewelry off.

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