Simple is the best or Simple is best

Simple is the best or Simple is best

While getting familiar with phrases or common sentences, it seems that the core confusion comes from grammar. The grammatical rules can be a bit confusing thus hanging us with more confusion, right? A simple word can change the whole meaning. That’s why trying to improve common grammatical problems can be a big change and improvement as well. There are few phrases of which you cannot differentiate the right one.

This article will try to elaborate on the phrase “simple is the best” or “simple is best” and to know the correct answer.

Difference between ‘Simple is the best’ and ‘Simple is best’

At a quick glance, one will say that ‘the’ is the troublemaker making both sentences different. Technically yes, it is “the” which made the difference but what is that? It made one sentence a little warmer, close while making the other one a bit unnatural. While saying both sentences, ‘simple is best’ sounds more natural and significant.

Simple is the best

When checking out the grammar rules, this sentence refers to the superlative degree. The superlative degree is used to stand one or more out among many. “The” is the essential word to use before a superlative word. Superlative words come from normal words. For example, the ‘best’ is the superlative form of ‘good’. Having both ‘the’ and superlative word makes this sentence superlative. But it does not conduct the correct way to find the answer. 

This sentence and the other one as well have a different psychological significance which is why we cannot go to the superlative part today. But for clearance, this sentence is definitely correct that way. 

Saying ‘Simple is the best’ sounds somewhat unnatural. It is used toward something that is not close or objective. In short, it sounds distant. Also, it means that you are solely pressuring ‘simple’ as the one. ‘The’ made it more stand out among others.

Simple is best 

This sentence is vastly used because it needs one less word to use. However, that does not mean it is the correct one. It sounds correct because we have been using it this way for a long time that it is like a token of speech. 

If you look at the idiom, you can find lots of faults grammatically. But whether it has grammatical faults or not, we cannot make it right. It is engraved just the way they are. This sentence is also like that. 


If you want a grammatical answer, then both are correct on their own. However, ‘Simple is the best’ wins in this regard. However, to use in daily life as a normal speech, the latter one is the one, for sure.

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