The Number or Code you have dialed is incorrect

The Number or Code you have dialed is incorrect

I think it happened to almost all of us at least once that we’ve called a certain number or code we want but it turned out to be incorrect or sometimes unallocated. Some of us may not know what it means that “the number or code you have dialed is incorrect. It mostly happens if you are calling internationally. When I was also ignorant about this topic, I thought maybe I dialed an incorrect number or the person on the other side has some faults with his number. But it turned out to be the way around and nothing I predicted matched with the genuine answer.

I hope that you can get the answer you want through this article and increase your knowledge in this regard. Yes, this article is all about the “the number or code you have dialed is incorrect” and what does it mean.

Meaning of dialed number being Incorrect

There are multiple reasons for which we stumble against this issue. Let us discuss all of them while we are at it.

  • We all know our phone number has a carrier system that has our area code and our personal information. If your dialed number or code is said to be incorrect, most probably it is a spam contact. However, if it is a number of your known person, then it must be a malfunction in the recipient or your system. If it is so, your problem will be solved once the system runs ok again.
  • Now if it is an international call like your recipient is living in a different area or country, this problem occurs because of the area code. One should type the right area code of the recipient in order to avoid this problem because you two don’t have the same area code anymore. 
  • Being incorrect also means that the number does not exist anymore or there might be some problems with the line connection. It also means that you are temporarily disconnected. It happens when the recipient’s phone bill is due and the company has temporarily shut down his system. 
  • Maybe the recipient has made it a ringtone greeting and that’s why you are getting this message.
  • Moreover, it can happen if your recipient has changed his number to a new one.

However, before doing anything you should recheck whether you have dialed a valid number or not. If there is no problem there then you can find any solution that we have discussed before. We are sure that you will be able to solve this. ^_^

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