The Value Does Not Match The Pattern aa

The Value Does Not Match The Pattern aa

If you are a resident of America, you may be quite familiar with the Ross Store of activities and services. You fill up your application with your information, working experience, and so on and try to submit it but it keeps sending a pop us saying: “The value does not match the pattern aa.” Many people have faced this problem on the ross application. It is not a huge deal. Let us have a discussion on this and the solution to the problem.

Why does this happen?

As we have stated before, this is not a big issue. When you fill out all the personal information, you have to give your Zip code, address, phone number, etc. The value which does not match indicates the numbers on your application. Be it the address or zip code or even phone number. Most people stubble against this problem when their phone number format does not match with the instruction. In other words, you did not put the numbers the way they wanted. For example, they wanted the country code first and then the area code but you put it the way around, they won’t take it. And then, the pop-up will show up saying it doesn’t match the aa pattern.


At first, check their instruction and what they want. Then, you can fill it up according to their pattern like what they wanted at first and what they wanted at last. Lastly, you have to check thoroughly the whole application in case any value is wrong. 

We hope, the pop-up will not come again and you are able to submit your application without any hassle.

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