Today’s or Todays – Which is correct?

Today's or Todays - Which is correct?

Since we getting more and more familiar with the apostrophe and possessive form problems, let’s not drag the intro very long.

For our new visitors, the possessive form of a word means something that is in possession of that very word. And, we mostly use the apostrophe ‘s’ to explain the possessive form of any word. Another important thing is the apostrophe s rule. If a word ends with the word ‘s,’ it is the rule to not use the additional ‘s’ to it. For example, “Casius’ mother is very ill.”

Is it Today’s or Todays?

The word “Todays” should mean lots of today. In other words, the plural form of ‘today’ could have been ‘todays.’ However, today means this present day which is singular. There is no plural form of this word. That’s why ‘todays’ also does not exist.

One could have said that ‘todays’ can be the possessive form of today. But we have already said, we use the apostrophe to explain any possessive word.

If we see the possessive of Today, it is “Today’s” and it is the correct answer. For example:

  • Today’s weather forecast said it will rain a lot. O

=> [Todays] weather forecast said it will rain a lot. X

For the first example, we can say the sentence is correct seeing the possessive form of today and it explained the sentence well. But in the second sentence, it is not. ‘Todays’ is grammatically incorrect which is why you cannot use it.

  • Today’s meeting will be held at 11 A.M.
  • We cannot explain how today’s youth think.

Which one should I use?

From the grammatical view, Today’s is the correct answer and Todays is not even a genuine word. That’s why you have to use grammatically correct words. You cannot write ‘Todays meeting’ because it is incorrect.

In fine, you should use Today’s.

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