What does a Canceled Call mean?

What does a canceled call mean?

As an iPhone user, you may have come against this issue more than a few times. It also happens to android users. You are scrolling through your call log to find out some canceled calls. Now, what does a canceled call mean? You don’t remember what happened when you called this person and now this tag appears. Most of these call tags come because of network problems, recipients not picking up the phone, or canceling the phone. However, ‘canceled call’ is special. 

It does not have any concern for connectivity, sim operator, or recipients. It happens because of you, the caller. Why? Let me explain it.

Canceled Call

Normally, we would think that we called this person and the call was canceled due to some unexpected situation which is why it is labeled as a canceled call. And the unexpected situation is that you hung up the call too early before they could pick it up or before the call went to their voicemail.

It is not like people always stay beside their phones as they have their own life too. They may be far from their phone and be late when picking up their phone. If you don’t hang up beforehand, the call will not be a canceled one. Rather it will be a missed call from you. However, you are not that patient or because of other reasons, you had to cut the call even before they picked it up. This is what a canceled call means.

It only happens with outgoing calls which means the calls you have dialed. This will not happen with the incoming calls. However, when someone calls you and cuts the call before you pick it up, you will see it as a missed call. But it will be a canceled call for the other person.

Is it because they declined my call?

No, that is not the matter in this case. This solely happens because you cut the call. Even if they decline your call, it will not be a canceled call. You will hear *beep beep* sound like two beeps. In some cases, it will say that ‘the number you have dialed is busy right now.’ That way you will understand that they declined your call. Now, why did they do it? I also don’t know since it is a matter between you and the receiver. 

Will the receiver see this call as canceled or missed?

Whether you called them all the way or hung up beforehand, it does not matter to the receiver. Their call log will show it as a missed call, not a canceled call. No matter how many times it rang, it will be a missed call that the receiver will see.

When a call is canceled?

Since we have said, it happens because of your hanging up. But there are many reasons why you hung up before they pick up.

As a message:

It can happen when you two have set up to meet or the recipient made sure you call him as a sign to help him remember something. Or you are to miss a call to him so that he can get ready for meeting with you. In short, the recipient said to you to miss a call to him and he would understand for whatever reason you guys are doing all these things. You called him and hung up after a few rings. It will show up as a missed call to the recipient and a canceled call to you. Thus your work is accomplished.

Wrong number:

This problem occurred to everyone, I guess, that you dialed a number and after 2-3 rings, you realize you have called the wrong number. You hurriedly canceled it before the person on the other side picked it up. At that exact time, it feels like we have done a grave mistake, though it happened with almost all of us. And, of course, it is not like a crime as it can happen with anyone.

Since you have hung up before their pick up, it will be labeled as a canceled call on your call log.

Deliberately hanging up:

I know many of us don’t quite like to talk to people on phone. And it happens mostly if the person is an introvert. I, myself am like that, though I am a social butterfly in person. I definitely cannot stand talking with someone on a call for more than a whole thirty seconds.

Now I will end this part with a little example. Suppose your mother said to call one of your relatives and talk about this thing and you absolutely don’t want to. Or maybe your friend said to call some other person and you still don’t want to. But you cannot tell a now. So you called them and hung up even before they could pick it up. And when your mother asked you if you have called them. You can easily answer that you called them but they never picked it up. Where is the lie though?

It is like killing two birds with a stone. You called them & did not have to talk and you did not even tell a lie. Yes, I have done it multiple times :).

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