What Does Call Rejected Mean?

What Does Call Rejected Mean?

We all have been there when you call someone on the phone and it says “Call Rejected” or sometimes “Call Declined”. In another scenario, you called someone and it rang two or three times and you hear “Call rejected”. It also happens, when you call someone who is unlikely to have your mobile number, and you hear the message “Call Rejected”.  In another situation, you hear the message “Call Rejected” before the call rang when you called the person.

Now, what is “Call Rejected”? What does it mean? Why do you hear “Call Rejected” when you call somebody? What are the situations when you hear the message “Call Rejected” when you call someone? What does “Call Declined” mean on WhatsApp or skype? Well, there are many questions that strike our curious minds relating to “Call Rejected” or “Call declined”. We get this type of message in most calls we make. If you are no different from wondering why you got the message saying “Call Rejected”, then this article is for you. There can be many reasons why you get the message saying “Call Rejected”. We are going to discuss those probable reasons in our article.  So, next time you won’t be in a dilemma of wondering why you got the message saying “Call Rejected” or “Call Declined”.

Why Does It Say “Call Rejected” When You Call Someone on Their Phones?

Have you ever faced a situation where you call somebody on the phone and after some rings, it says “Call Rejected” and after that, the call gets disconnected? Well, we all have faced this type of situation and we think you did too. If not, you won’t be reading our article today. Haha! Okay jokes apart, so why did you get the message saying “Call Rejected”? You can get the message for the following reasons:

  1. Suppose, you called someone on the phone and the person disconnected or rejected your call by pressing the red button directly. Here, the red button means the reject or disconnecting button. The person may disconnect your call because of personal reasons such as they are busy or don’t want to talk to you. So, when someone disconnects your call directly by pressing on the red button, you hear the message “Call Rejected” or sometimes “Call Declined”. This is when you should understand that the recipient disconnected your call. 
  2. Sometimes people reject the calls coming from unknown phone numbers or numbers that are not saved in their phones as they want to avoid talking to strangers. Incoming calls don’t show caller Id. As a result, the receiver who doesn’t recognize the caller’s number tends to reject calls from the caller. So In that case, you are likely to hear “Call Rejected” or “Call Declined”.
  3. Some people have “call blocking” activated on their phones so that they can avoid phone calls from strangers. This “call blocking” configuration automatically rejects calls from numbers that are saved in the block list. Sometimes the “Call Blocking” feature declines call from unknown numbers. This is relieving as well as hectic. Due to this, many people can’t contact them if their number is not saved on their phones as a result they even miss out on important calls. So if you are calling someone who doesn’t have your cell number and it says “Call Rejected”.
  4. If the recipient’s phone is dead, in that case, whoever calls the recipient is likely to hear “Call Rejected”.
  5. If you are calling someone online and that person is not active at that moment, then you will probably hear something like “Call Rejected” or “Call Declined”. Or sometimes you won’t hear anything other than a lot of ringing.
  6. If you had a fight with your friend or loved ones, and he or she blocked your number, you will hear the saying “Call Rejected” when you call the person to reconcile.
  7. Another case is that, if the call recipient or you haven’t paid your bills, you are likely to hear “Call Rejected” or “Call Declined” when you try to call the recipient or someone else.
  8. If you are in a low service area or the recipient is in a low service area, there is a possibility that you will hear the saying “Call Rejected” or “Call Declined”. This likely happens after one or two rings when you place a call on your phone.

So above are the reasons why you hear “Call Rejected” when you call someone on the phone. There may be more other reasons such as their mobile is synced by hackers and the hackers reject your calls. Well, that possibility is low. So, we have mentioned the probable reasons for when you hear “Call Rejected” or “Call Declined” when you ring someone on their phone. You can now easily find, why your call is being rejected everytime you want to call certain someone.

What Does “Call Rejected” Mean On Whatsapp?

When you call someone on WhatsApp, if the person disconnects or declines the call, then you get the notification saying “Call Rejected”. The person may disconnect the call due to personal reasons such as he or she is busy or just doesn’t want to talk to you. Also, You may likely get the notification when the call recipient is offline or not available with the phone at the moment.

How Can You Tell If Someone Declined Your Call?

One of the basic ways to tell if someone declined your call is by hearing “Call Declined” or “Call Rejected” when you call that person. So, when you call someone on their phone, you will hear ringing on your end so that you understand that your call is being connected to the recipient of your call. If the person on the other side blocked your number, you would hear no ringing, In fact, you would get to hear “Call Rejected” before the ringing.

Generally, you get to hear the message “Call Rejected”  when your call rings one or two times. The recipient may have manually pressed the red button to disconnect your call. 

Sometimes, your call may be automatically directed to voicemail after two or three rings. It may occur that the person probably declined your call.

Again, your calls may be declined if the number you called is unallocated.  

In another scenario, someone may keep your number on their phone’s block list so your incoming calls are directly declined. In this way, you can find out whether someone blocked your number on their phones.

Furthermore, if the recipient is out of service, your calls reaching the recipient may be declined. Some people configure their phones to automatically disconnect calls from unknown numbers. If the recipient configured their phone according to this and doesn’t have your number, then your calls are likely to be directly declined or rejected.

What Does A Caller Hear When Someone Blocks Or Declines His Or Her Call?

When someone blocks your number, it is quite hard to know as you don’t receive any notification about that. When you call that person, you may hear one ring or no ring at all. After one or no ring, you get to hear something like “The person is unavailable at the moment, please try later” or “Call Rejected”. This is the moment when you can understand the person has blocked your number. 

When someone declines your call, you might get a similar message. But you should notice the number of rings to understand whether the person is declining your calls on purpose. If you hear a pre-recorded voicemail saying something like “Call Declined” or “The person is busy right now, please try later” after some rings, you should understand the person is declining your calls. Sometimes, your call may automatically get directed to voicemail after one or two rings. This is when you should understand your call to the person is declined or blocked.

Is It Rude To Decline Someone’s Call?

Well, Yes and No, it is considered to be rude when you decline someone’s call on purpose. Well, People are not always free to take all incoming calls. Some emergencies cause them to reject or decline calls. People generally decline or reject calls from people they don’t know or they had a quarrel with. But, it is also quite normal when People decline calls when they are busy or have some personal issues. 

But, the person calling you might have something important to tell you. In that case, declining someone’s call is quite rude. If you are busy or don’t want to talk to the caller due to some personal reasons, you can just let them know that you are busy and assure them that you will call them later.

Why Does It Say “Call Rejected” When You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Have Your Number?

Sometimes, people want to avoid calls from strangers or people they don’t know. In that case, they manually decline calls by pressing the red button when they receive a call from a number that is not saved on their mobile. If you call a person who doesn’t have your number and you hear something like “Call Rejected”, this means that the person declined your call.

Again, some people download apps to configure their phones or their phones use white-list settings to automatically decline calls from unknown numbers. These “Call Blocking” apps configure their phones to accept the white-listed numbers as in the numbers that are saved in the phone. So, their phones are only able to accept inbound calls rather than outbound calls. Thus, when you call them on their phones you hear, “Call Rejected”.

So when you suspect something like this, then you can send a text message to the number introducing yourself properly along with the purpose of calling them and asking them to call you back as you can’t. This should solve the problem when you call someone who doesn’t have your number for some important reason and it says “Call Rejected”.

Can A Phone Call Be Auto Rejected?

Yes, some phones are configured by their users to reject calls from unknown numbers as they want to avoid contact with strangers and especially frauds and scammers. On the other hand, They download “Call Blocking” apps from the app store to automatically reject calls from blocked and unknown numbers of calls. Well, due to this, all unknown calls along with the calls in the blocklist are automatically rejected by the phone even if the person calling may have important news.

Does A Call Rejected Mean Blocked?

Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no.“Call Rejected” messages do not always mean that your call is blocked by the recipient. It may also be that the other person rejected or declined your incoming calls. 

So, when you hear something like “Call Rejected” or “Call declined”, then you should understand that your calls are either declined or blocked by the recipient. It mainly depends on the number of ringing you hear.

If you call someone and after one or two rings you hear “Call Rejected”, this means that the recipient rejected or declined your call.

On the other hand, if you hear no ringing and you hear “Call Rejected” and are directed to voicemail or not directed to voicemail, the call disconnects, this means the recipient blocked your number on their phone. And due to some phone configurations, Auto reject directly leads to voicemail and this doesn’t mean your calls are blocked in the receiver’s phone. So, Hopefully, you may understand when “Call Rejected” means your calls are rejected or blocked.

Final Thoughts

Whenever we call someone and we hear “Call Rejected”, we fall into a dilemma thinking why we got to hear such a message. “Call Rejected” means the receiver’s phone rejected your incoming call to the receiver. This may be because the receiver rejected your call by pressing on the red button or the receiver didn’t pay the mobile bills or it also may be because the receiver blocked your calls. Sometimes due to low network service in the caller or the recipient’s area, the caller gets to hear something like “Call Rejected”. 

In this article, we have discussed what “Call Rejected” is and why you get to hear it. We have also mentioned whether it is rude to reject someone’s call and what you do in that case. We also mentioned how to figure out whether your incoming calls are declined or blocked on the receiver’s phone. So, next time if you hear such a message when you call someone, you should be able to figure out the reason.

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