What does FYP mean on TikTok?

What does FYP mean on TikTok?

TikTok is getting very popular these days. It has become the source of entertainment as well as income to a huge population worldwide. After being released in 2016, TikTok is rapidly increasing its popularity as a well-known video-social media app. Over a billion people downloaded this wonderful short-video sharing app to share and create entertaining videos.  Every day, there are tons of videos being uploaded on TikTok for entertainment purposes or for earning money. For this reason, creators want their videos to reach more people so that their video earns more views and they can earn money from TikTok.

TikTok is a wonderful yet competitive platform to earn money. You need to know a lot of tricks to make your video reach more viewers on TikTok, in case you want to earn more money. On the other hand, TikTok is a daily app for many users who use it for entertainment purposes. 

If you are a user on TikTok who loves watching entertaining videos over there, you must have noticed various words associated with videos. With increasing popularity rises news questions about the app and the terms used in the app. At any time period, while scrolling through videos you may have come across the term FYP. FYP is used in a lot of TikTok videos. You may have not noticed it or you might not know the meaning of FYP.

FYP is one of the important terms used in most videos on TikTok. Now, what is FYP? It is one of the popular questions on TikTok. FYP or the For You Page displays the viral and random videos to an audience. This FYP basically tailors and categories videos according to a user’s personal taste following the TikTok algorithm. It is used as a caption on videos or sometimes commented on videos to manage to get on the page for more exposure.

To learn more, this article is going to explain to you what Fyp means along with the uses and importance of FYP in TikTok. We will also tell you the tips and tricks on how to get on the FYP or For You Page.

What does FYP or #fyp mean? 

There are millions of videos on TikTok that are created to entertain the audience. Some of these are funny, informative, musical, tips and tricks, or dramatic. If you notice, most of the videos have the famous acronym FYP or #fyp. #fyp is one of the excessively used hashtags on TikTok.  Let first say what FYP stands for. The acronym FYP is the abbreviation of “For You Page”. If you are using TikTok for a reasonable amount of time, you are most likely to have noticed FYP on videos. It is used as #fyp or #FYP sometimes followed by #Foryoupage.

Whenever you open the TikTok app on your laptop or computer, the first page that appears is called the For You Page. This page is basically the default homepage of TikTok. This page displays short videos created by creators. Almost all of these videos have the acronym FYP in the form #fyp sometimes preceded by #foryoupage or #foryou. TikTok has its own algorithm to arrange specific videos to be displayed for a specific audience on the home page or for your page or in short called FYP. 

Every day, millions of videos are being uploaded on this platform, and to make these videos find more exposure, creators include the hashtags such as #fyp, #FYP, #foryoupage, or #foryou. These hashtags help TikTok’s algorithm to select videos for the for you page. This makes the videos get more reach in the audience and obviously more views. Also commenting on videos with #fyp also helps creators get more views and audience.

What does FYP do?

FYP is a vital part of TikTok’s algorithm. TikTok’s algorithm tries to figure out what sort of videos a user likes. It laters tries to show the short videos according to the user’s taste along with the trending and viral videos in that area. TikTok’s algorithm generally categorizes specific videos from different influencers or creators on different users’ ‘For You Pages’. It monitors a user’s watch time and interaction with content on the app to determine the user’s taste.  The functions of TikTok’s FYP or for your page are a little similar to the Instagram Explore page. Both pages show content that was interacted with by users previously. TikTok always tries to show content similar to previously interacted content on the FYP or For You Page.

Suppose, you had liked or commented on a cooking and baking video, TikTok’s algorithm will later recommend cooking and videos on your FYP to get more user watch time.

TikTok works on numerous factors to get a video on the FYP or For You Page. According to TikTok, it first tries to categorize the FYP according to a user’s interaction, likes, device, and account settings. It will also take a look at the language preference and country. This will help the app’s algorithm to refine its recommendations on FYP and display more trending and user likeable videos on FYP. The algorithm works to optimize the app’s performance more by suggesting videos more based on your interactions figured out by TikTok’s algorithm.

What is the importance of FYP?

When a user opens the TikTok app, the first page is displayed on the For you page. As mentioned, the FYP or For You Page is the homepage of TikTok. This is the page where users interact the most.

If we want to understand the importance of FYP, let’s think about the Facebook or Instagram homepage. Facebook or Instagram have their own algorithm that displays content that was previously liked or interacted by a specific user. This is the place where different content gets the most exposure. You kind of get to see content from creators who follow and like. Also, the homepage is where you also get to explore new and interesting content benefitting creators. 

Similarly, in TikTok, FYP or For You Page is the place where short videos get the most exposure. This is a place where a user gets to see videos he or she previously liked before as well as explore new trending and viral content. When you are new to TikTok the FYP might be boring and dull. As you start scrolling, the app’s algorithm tries to pick up your taste in content and tries to show you content or short videos accordingly on the FYP or For You Page.

 If you are an influencer or creator on TikTok and are using TikTok for fame or money, well, FYP is the place where you want your content to be. Getting your videos on the FYP or For You Page is extremely beneficial. Here, videos get the most views along with interactions. People also explore new content on the FYP. TikTok tries to increase the user watch time by tailoring videos according to a user’s watch time. 

FYP is also the place to get the most exposure along with user entertainment and interactions. If your video luckily lands on FYP, then you can be sure that your video will be getting more and more reach to a bigger audience. It may bring you more views and recognition. You may also get offers from big companies to get a head start in building your career. You will also get paid to promote their brand as a TikTok influencer. This way you can pave your way to greater fame and a bright career. 

What does it mean when someone comments “#fyp” in my videos on TikTok? Or Why do users comment on FYP on videos in TikTok?

Whenever a creator uploads a video on TikTok, you may notice some people comment #fyp on them. You might wonder if this is any trick to be on the For you page. 

Well, sometimes people comment #fyp on some videos attempting to get the video on the FYP. It may result in more exposure and views for the video.

Again, sometimes people comment #fyp on videos to let the creator know that they found their content on the FYP or For You Page. So By commenting #fyp, it is just a simple way to help creators get more reach in the audience. 

What to do to get on the FYP or For You Page?

As you have known, what is FYP, what it does, and its importance? You might have understood the importance of FYP. FYP is where the most interaction occurs. It is where a creator can get famous. All the viral and trending videos happen to land on FYP along with videos with user interactions. 

However, you might wonder will #fyp get your video on the FYP or For You Page. To find the answer to this, you should know if you want to land your videos on FYP, you need to know the perfect tips and tricks. Not all videos with the #fyp hashtag land on the FYP or For You Page. You must know that using #fyp will not automatically get your video on the FYP. 

As FYP is the extremely used hashtag on TikTok, It is quite competitive and tricky to get your content on the For You Page. As we know, TikTok uses its own designed algorithm to tailor videos on the FYP. These videos are determined by the user’s location, language preferences, account settings, and device settings. 

So to land an influencer’s video on the FYP, the algorithm checks with its user interaction factors. If your video fails to get on the FYP, you might be doing it wrong.  Well, here are some of the ways that can help your videos to get on the FYP or For You Page.

  1. Use the appropriate hashtags for your video –  Whenever you are going to upload content on TikTok, make sure to use more appropriate hashtags. Here appropriate means, the hashtags that are relevant to your video. If your video is about cooking, you can use #cooking. You should try to use unique and trending hashtags to get more reach in the audience. Also, you can try to use popular and trending hashtags so that the FYP algorithm can easily and fastly land your video on a user’s For You Page.
  2. Write good captions –  Using good captions in the video title can engage more attention from the audience. TikTok allows you only 150 characters. So, make sure to make your caption engaging, relevant, and clear. Attractive captions attract more audiences. And if the audience interacts more with your content, thus TikTok’s algorithm will display your video on the FYP.
  3. Make shorter videos – At the present time, people don’t seem to like lengthy videos. And mostly Lengthy videos don’t land on FYP. So, it is essential to keep in mind to make shorter videos. Shorter videos with clear point ideas attract more audience meaning more views and exposure.
  4. Make sure your video is high quality – Well, People love to see the content of high quality. No matter how good your content is, video quality matters a lot. Poor-quality videos don’t land on the FYP and are less viewed. If you upload videos on TikTok in high quality, it will likely increase user interactions. 
  5. Go with the trend – One of the most important factors in FYP is trendy music and videos. You should keep yourself updated with the latest trends and upload relevant content. You should upload trending content with trendy music. In such a way, the audience will more likely engage with you.
  6. Create and Upload content more often –  If you are an influencer who wants to be on the FYP or For You Page, you should try to be more active in creating and uploading content on TikTok. Your content is the only way to engage with your audience. And Audience engagement is the key way to reach the For You Page. Thus, uploading more content increases your possibility of getting on the FYP or For You Page. 

Closing Thoughts

One of the essential terms of TikTok is FYP. FYP is the key factor that helps the TikTok community grow. This is where people can live with the trend and find more content according to their preferences. 

If you are new to TikTok and are aiming to build a bright career out of it, you must work smart and hard. You should know what FYP is along with its working mechanism and importance.  At present, being on FYP is quite competitive and tough but not impossible. There are tons of tutorials out there that help you clear your idea to get on the FYP that you can follow. We have also tried to explain the tricks to get on FYP or For You Page.  

Using your knowledge and tricks, there will be better chances to get on FYP. Until then you must keep trying with patience. Getting on the FYP is very beneficial for any creator. It is where a creator achieves more audience along with more user interaction and exposure. 

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