What does “with delivery courier” from DHL mean?

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Online shopping is very popular these days. As our dependency on online shopping rises every day, we are also getting to know many internet phrases of which we don’t know the meaning. This might be very confusing and hectic. For instance, Whenever you order any product online, you are provided with a supplier tracking number. Now, if DHL provides your courier service, you receive a message from DHL at some point saying “With Delivery Courier ”. Now you wonder what is “With delivery courier”?

The meaning of the message “With delivery courier” is very simple. The message “With delivery courier” means that your ordered product is at the final stage to reach its final address. In other words, it can be said that a courier or messenger from DHL has your product in his or her possession and will deliver it to you that day or at the latest in the next 2 or 4 days.

With delivery courier(DHL) – meaning and explanation

If DHL is your courier, then whenever you order a product online, they send you a message saying “With delivery courier”. “Out for delivery” has a close meaning with this message. Out for delivery message is sent by the product suppliers or couriers whenever a customer buys their product online.

“With delivery courier” means that your ordered product is with a DHL courier who is on its way to deliver the product at its given address. Generally, the product is expected to get delivered the day you get the message or at the latest next 2 or 4 days. 

Suppose you are surfing products on the internet, and you like an attractive bag. Without any further delay, you click to buy and check out. Then you wait for the bag to arrive at your address. Meanwhile, you are given a tracking number by the product courier.  If DHL is your courier, after some time you get a message or email saying “With delivery courier” from DHL. Generally, a product has to go through certain stages to be finally delivered to your address. When you get the “With delivery courier” message from DHL, it means that your ordered product is at the final stage in the delivery process. So you can get excited to get your bag very soon. “With delivery courier” is basically the last stage of delivery of a product to its recipient.

You might think, what or who is the courier in “With delivery courier”. Well, The courier in the “With delivery Courier” means the delivery company. Here DHL is the delivery company, engaged to deliver your ordered goods. Here the courier may refer to a delivery man or delivery van from DHL or any other third party related to DHL. The courier is handed over the task to deliver the product to its address.

What is DHL? – Delivery service and duties

Up To now, there have been a lot of mentions about DHL. What is DHL? We shall discuss that. Well, there are a lot of courier services available out there. Whenever you buy a product online, DHL sends you a message saying “With delivery Courier”. Here, DHL is the courier service or company that manages the delivery process of a product.

DHL is a well-known delivery company that offers satisfying quality delivery and courier services to customers worldwide.DHL stands for Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn. This is a German-based international Logistics company that offers shipping and courier services all over the world. They are best known to help an individual or businesses to mail letters or packages internationally. Every year, DHL delivers more than 1.5billion parcels all over the globe. They deliver a certain product on the same day or take 14 days maximum. Their branches are extended in almost every country which delivers packages by air to different countries and cities at any time basis starting from an emergency timespan of one day to 14 days timespan. 

DHL is a popular and well-known name in the market. They are known to offer and handle international logistic and courier services all over the world. DHL also helps other companies to deliver their products and shipments to customers safely and efficiently. They offer domestic and international delivery starting from emergency mailing service on the same day as well as economy parcel delivery that takes one or two weeks.

Sometimes, your small business might have to deliver packages internationally on the same day or within one to three business days. In this case, you can consider using DHL Express delivery services. DHL offers shipment services to both private and business customers. They ensure the handling of single or multiple shipments that weigh no more than 154 pounds. They can deliver products at any required time. 

DHL has designed same-day delivery options for emergency deliveries. In this case, your product is sent via air or by vehicle to its destination in its minimum timespan in the fastest way possible.  

On the other hand, you might get slower delivery facilities that range from two to 14 days depending on its destination. DHL offers package delivery options domestically and internationally.

For domestic package delivery, it takes from two to eight days to deliver a product to its address. This delivery service is known as DHL SmartMail. In this case, DHL sends local delivery couriers to deliver the product to its destination. This whole delivery process is end-to-end tracked by DHL.

On the other hand, for international package delivery, DHL has the DHL packet international and DHL Parcel International options. Generally, it takes up to 14 days to deliver the package or shipment. The delivery time taken depends on the destination. 

If you want to get to know more about DHL services such as to get shipping quotes or order products, all you need to do is set up a DHL login on the DHL USA website. This will offer you much-relying help such as finding affordable plans and services for businesses, selecting any desired payment option, scheduling a time to get your packages from a DHL drop-off location which you can select, and many more.

How long does it take to get the product after getting the “With delivery courier” message?

Generally, you get the product in 2 to 4 days after getting the message saying “With delivery courier” from DHL. This is the estimated time by DHL. But this time depends on some factors such as: the delivery route to the destination, time is taken to complete a particular delivery, the distance to the destination, or the delivery medium.

Sometimes it takes days to complete a specific order. The process of online transactions starts from the time you order a product to its delivery. There are various steps in the online delivery of a product. So when you get the message “With delivery courier” from DHL, it’s the right moment to get excited to receive the product. You should be prepared with the cash in case of cash on delivery.

But you should also be patient because the delivery courier might not deliver your ordered product the same day you receive the message. There is no need to be upset if you don’t receive the product, sometimes the product doesn’t get delivered in due time as expected. 

It may take  2 or 5 days maximum. “With delivery courier” means the product is in the delivery van or in the responsibility of a delivery man. And the recipient will get the product as soon as possible.

How to check the “with delivery courier from DHL” status?

As the largest international courier and shipping company, DHL is known worldwide. They have provided various options for tracking their domestic and international shipment or delivery status. The services from DHL such as DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, and DHL Freight ensure fast and efficient tracking options for businesses and customers. DHL offers several ways for eCommerce retailers and customers to stay updated on the status of their delivery. The fastest and efficient way to track the status is by entering the tracking number provided by the supplier on the DHL website. You can also find other contact information that is provided on their website.

Why did I get the “With delivery courier” message from DHL?

There is a term called ODA that is used most in courier services. ODA stands for “Outside Delivery Area”. This status refers to remote places where courier companies don’t have reach with regular operations. Courier companies connect with local third-party delivery services located in these remote areas.

Thus, in case a package is to be delivered in such remote areas, courier services such as DHL tie up with third parties for last-mile delivery. When a courier company hands over a package to a third-party delivery service located in that particular remote area, the website changes its status to “with delivery person” or “with delivery courier”. Thus in that way you get the message “with delivery courier” from DHL.

Difference & Similarities between “with delivery courier” and “Out for delivery

These two messages have the same meaning. There is only one difference between them and that is: 

When you get a message saying “with delivery courier”, this means that your ordered product is with the delivery van or delivery man who is on the way to its address. In this case, a third-party courier service is appointed by the courier companies, which are unable to operate in a particularly remote area, to accomplish the job. 

On the other hand, when you get an “out for delivery” message, this also means that your order product is on the way to its address being in the possession of a delivery man. In this case, the courier company does the job of delivering the product to its address.


“With Delivery Courier” from DHL basically means that your product is on the way to its address being in the possession of a DHL courier service. It is similar to the “Out For Delivery”  message.

Here, the status check means that the courier has your order product. The product has left the facility, got scanned to the delivery vehicle, and is added to the delivery route of the delivery man of the DHL courier service. And it is only a matter of time, you will get your product.

When you get the message from DHL saying “With Delivery Courier”, you should understand that the product you ordered online is on the way to you in a delivery van or is in possession of a delivery man.  You can expect to receive the product that day or in the latest 2 to 4 days. Courier services send “with delivery courier” to customers when their ordered product is on the way to its address.

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