What is a Fit out?

What is a Fit out?

A fit out in construction has a good meaning that many don’t know. In fact, there are many hidden or unique words the building constructions industry use that normal people don’t quite follow; fit-out, shell, and core, tenant fit out, and so on. Now, what does a fit out mean, and how does it work? Let’s explore while we are at it.

Fit Out

A fit out is a procedure of making the interior of a certain space/house/room that is suitable for their occupation. Suppose, you are looking for an office for an online education platform. So you found this empty interior space and made a leasing contract with the landlord. Now, either you or someone that landlord will hire to turn that space suitable for your online education platform. A meeting room, classrooms, suitable drawing-room, and also restrooms will be turned suitable for your occupation. 

At first, the landlord or the contractor will give you the empty interior space with nothing going on. It is called the “white shell” or “white box” in this industry. This term is also one of those things normal people would not understand on the first go. This white shell includes typical designs one would build for any type of building or house. And that is of white ceilings and walls, base floor, normal constructions, restrooms, standard heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), etc. 

It is like a white page you are given and it is up to you what or how you will draw. It may be a simple sketch or a colorful drawing. In simple words, Fit-out means interior design construction. The construction solely depends on the owner and that is you.

How does a Fit Out work?

Let’s assume Laura is given a white shell for her business. Now, her first work is to find an interior constructor or designer. It is more helpful if she has an interior architect or designer in her team or she herself is a designer. It totally depends on the person. Then she will plan how to make the space convenient for her work and business. After making a plan and design of every room or space in that expanse, she will conduct the construction.

The construction includes plumbing, restrooms, all other rooms, flooring, walls, ceiling (in fact she can change anything of the base white shell), furniture, new add-ins, and all other interior products she needs. Coloring the walls also is a part of the fit-out.

In brief, a fit-out means reconstruction or adding new designs to make a persons’ apartment, or space suitable for their occupation.

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