What is backpacking?

What is backpacking?

We all are somewhat familiar with the word backpacking whether we have done it or not. So let us get more familiar with it both briefly and in elaboration. Sometimes we become confused by seeing backpacking, hiking, and also traveling the same way. They are, of course, not the same thing.

Hiking means going on a walk as a form of exercise or for enjoying. Though it needs more effort than walking. It means walking on uneven, hilly roads with roughness. One needs to have enough stamina to carry themselves until the end and when you reach the end, the satisfaction it brings means no boundary.

And, we all know what traveling is, right? Maybe some of us don’t have the proper elaboration of traveling but we know what does it mean. It means going from one place to another to experience pleasure, to experience the new place and its essence. Most of us have traveled at least once and we know how delightful it can be.

Now, getting back to backpacking. It is the preparation a backpacker takes before going out on a journey alone or in a group. They will have all the necessary things a person needs in everyday life to gon in their backpack. And, stuffing your backpack with all these necessities to go on an adventure-type traveling whether you will live in a lodge, or hotel, or under the sky is called backpacking. There goes the short brief on backpacking. Let’s elaborate on it.


A backpacker is someone who likes to discover new things, go on adventures, meet new places & new people, know their cultures that a person staying home or going on an occasional journey would not understand. He will take what is obligate for him to survive or to go on in his backpack and set on his journey. 

However, backpacking does not mean stuffing all needs in the bag. It also means taking precautious measurements. Let’s look at the examples. Suppose you are going to this place that you really want. The first thing you would do is to research. What type of place that is, how is the environment, overall overview on that place, the weather forecast, and if there is something exceptional you need to know; all these things will definitely help you live in that place. After that, it is time to pack your Backpack. No need to be hasty. Pick up the important things thoroughly and what you need in that place. 

There is some consistency one needs to follow while backpacking. Which thing to put first and where; knowing the serial will do a lot of help. If you are a first-timer, there are lots of videos and websites that will let you know how to backpack as a beginner. There is one thing we wish to tell you that every other backpacker will tell you and that is don’t go to a faraway place as your first time. You can go to a place that is not too far and not too close to your house. After spending one day and night, you will get the primary idea of how the life of a backpacker works. 

After that going on several journeys will make you an experienced backpacker. 

What are the necessities in a Backpack?

Since we have said quite a few times that it means getting all the necessary things, we should describe it more. What we meant by it includes clothes, food especially dry foods, emergency medicine, tools, a tent & necessities to spend the nights, etc. These are the most important things one needs on a journey. We don’t know what comes next or how we will handle it. That’s why precautions are never unnecessary. 

Whether you are alone, with a partner, or even a group, it is better to have the important things about yourself with you all the time. Backpacking is fun and adventurous, but when it will become scary and tragic suddenly, we don’t know. This is why thoroughly preparing yourself is the best preparation one can take before their journey.

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