What is meant by Golden Joints?

What is meant by Golden Joints?

What is meant by “Golden Joints”?

While connecting an existing piping to a new piping, a certain joint is needed. Golden Joints is the weld joint which is the final weld to connect the old piping and a new piping and that joint cannot be tested hydrostatically. In other words, it will not be pressure tested. So, to evaluate this material NDE is performed instead of pressure testing. However, it is not as good as the pneumatic or hydrostatic pressure testing. That’s why this should be tested with the best welders for a good result. This weld is 100% NDT or NDE tested with a bunch of methods. These methods cost a huge number of prices. In that way also, it is referred to as “Golden”.

Note: NDE means Non-destructive Evaluation with which the inspectors evaluate or test and collect data about a component or material. It is a special kind of examination of welding where no parts of the welded components will be affected. Some also call it NDT (Non-destructive Testing).

Golden Joints are Tie-in piping joints where new components are added with the existing ones. Hence, pressure testing is not possible. To compensate, double NDT is performed to check all parts of the welded joints. The owner must be assured that the area is 100% defect-free. Therefore, choosing the best welders is the important criteria in this regard. And that way the process will be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golden weld joint?

A golden weld point refers to the joint between existing and new piping. It is the final weld that connects the old piping with the new piping.

What is a closure weld?

Closure weld, known as the final weld which is used for connecting the piping components and systems that were not compatible to be connected.

What are tie-in joints in piping?

Tie-in Joints mean welding a T-shaped pipe spool that connects a new line or pipe with the existing one. It is defined as the connector of old and new piping.

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