What to do with Old Laptops?

What to do with Old Laptops?

“I have been using this laptop for over a decade, and it is not working that well to keep it as well. What should I do? Should I throw it away? What to do with this old laptop anyway?” If you can relate to this, or you are stuck with an old laptop with nothing to do, worry no more. There are numerous ways to do this with old laptops. Since this is an electronics device, it is devastating to know that thousands of laptops are being thrown away in nature. 

Let’s find the most reasonable and reliable way to get rid of your old laptop. 


The perfect way is to sell your laptop if it is still in good shape and can do normal things well. There are so many websites or tech shops that are trading old laptops at a good price. The price may vary considering the laptop’s condition. Even if it takes a little money, you should sell it if you are desperate to dump your old laptop. Do you know the phrase? “Something is better than nothing.”


If you don’t want to sell it or cannot find that kind of circumstance, you can also donate it. There are many people or poor students who cannot afford a laptop but are in need of it. You can clean your data and reset it. After that, donating it to a person in need will suffice. This social work will put a smile on both of you.

Selling parts

There are lots of hardware shops that buy parts and particles of different devices. You can sell the parts you don’t need at a good price. 

I thought of opening a new heading to describe the parts. Since we are here, let’s put it in here. You know that we can change the parts of laptops like SSD, RAMs, etc when we need to upgrade them, right? If you don’t want to trade or sell your laptop and it simply needs storage or RAM update to run better, you can buy a new SSD or RAM to exchange. And then, selling the old part to any hardware shop is just a wise decision rather than having extra old SSD lying around. 

Use as a Secondary Laptop

There are lots of people who need additional laptops for their work, streaming, or other purposes. Since you will dump the old one, it means you are already thinking of buying a new one. You can just keep it as the additional one for reading comments while live streaming, practicing works, or so on.

Watching movie

Or you can keep it for recreational purposes like watching movies, drama shows, etc. Also, you can store videos and music.


We have put aside the best thing until the end. At the very first, we talked about throwing away laptops that ended up in nature. Not only laptops but also all types of devices being thrown away actually harms the environment in every possible way. They harm to soil, water, air, and all other elements of nature and they eventually become a threat to humans. Rather than throwing it away, you can recycle it. Now, how to recycle an old laptop? It’s as simple as it seems. There are many recycling centers where you can give your laptop away. The administrator will make sure to recycle in the best way.

We hope that you will choose the perfect way to deal with your old laptop rather than dumping it in the garbage.

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