Why does my phone hang up by itself?

Why does my phone hang up by itself?

Doing an important thing on your phone or watching your favorite movie and suddenly at the crucial moment, your phone decided to hang up itself. Annoying, right? It may happen because of numerous things. Much more than we think of it. Sometimes we think that it is because of being an old phone or sometimes we blame the storage. Yeah, it’s true that insufficient storage will let a phone hang up. However, there is much more to explore to know the reason behind your phone hanging up by itself. 

Why Phone hangs up?

There are some reasons why a phone keeps hanging up. Let’s elaborate on them while we are at it.

Low Battery: There are some phones that automatically shut down when the battery percentage gets low. It happens to save the battery because a processor is a battery-hungry component. That’s why some cellphones have this automated setting to be hung up before the battery gets too low.

Software Issue: Sometimes we download applications or software without thinking much. This softwares may occur issues on the phone hardware or sometimes slower the phone which leads to phone hang. 

Heat: The heating problem is a common problem among phone users. Excessive heat causes the cell processor lag and thus the problem occurs. That’s why people say, don’t push it up to limits. Even the electronic devices have their limits and they will be done for.

Storage: Low storage capacity comes to our mind as soon as our phone hangs up. When the device can’t find any available storage to keep the data, they try to stuff them onto the little space they get which leads to misconduct. The low storage capacity of the RAM is what makes the phone slower even if it is a brand new phone. If your phone has high RAM storage, the possibility of this being the reason is low.

Defective charging cable: There are some instances where the phone has a cheap and defective charger. By having no other problems, this single thing stands out to be the main culprit. My mother once had this problem. We thought maybe the phone is at fault. But when we changed the charging cable, the hang-up problem just vanished as if it was not there.

Faulty components: We have blamed the processor or the battery even once already. However, other hardware components may also be the reason for the problem. Such as faulty touchscreen, RAM, etc. 

Junk files: Piling up junk files is another culprit that we forget often. If we don’t clean the junk files every now and then, it will eat up the storage gradually and start the problem.


  1. Since storage is one of the main reasons why your phone hangs up, it is better to have free internal storage. Using an SD card as external storage is another wise decision you can do.
  2. Make sure your phone has a good amount of charge and don’t drain out the battery until it keeps sending “low battery” notifications.
  3. Using the right charger is something we all must do to save our phones. We should use the designated charger that came with our phone, not some others. Even if the charger goes dead, you should get a new one from the official service center rather than relying on others’ chargers.
  4. One thing many people do is that they most often run thein phone while it is being charged. It makes both the charger and the phone longevity. This action harms the internal components especially the processor and the battery. That’s why this habit should be mended.
  5. We tend to download apps, or games even if our phone does not support them or does not have enough storage. That also occurs the phone to die suddenly. This also needs to be stopped.

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