Best GPU for i7 4790

Best GPU for i7 4790

Graphics Card is one of the main components of a PC build that needs to be functioning well to maintain the system’s output performances. Since most of us buy other components later than the processor, we have to check on different factors as well as compatibility. GPU is one of those important components that we must check on before buying it.

Spending a good amount of money without checking all other possibilities is like pouring water in a cracked jar. If you are lucky, the jar will be able to hold the water. Otherwise, it will break trying to hold the water. Just like that, your good luck may become the reason to have the compatible and best product, even though you didn’t check the possibilities.

But luck does not favor all the time. This is why proper research for trying to find the right is always the right way to do things. The Intel Core i7 4790 is reasonably a good processor with 4/8 cores/threads and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600. Its processing speed is 3.60 GHz and has 32GB DDR3 memory capacity. This processor is blazing fast and has a strong performance too. That’s why getting a compatible yet good GPU should be chosen for pairing with this CPU.

Presenting some of the best GPU for the Intel Core i7 4790 that can serve the processor well with their perfect compatibility and performance.

Best GPU for i7 4790

The RX 570 is a great valued GPU that serves great performance. It is fast and powerful enough to run most latest games easily. It is an awesome option for the i7 4790. You can change the settings of the card while trying to figure out any power-related issues. It can handle pretty much everything given the price. Yes, at this price, RX 570 came in with a great value. Especially, it handles excellent 1080p gaming.

Though it had only a small room for overclocking, overall it provides pretty good performance. It runs quietly with minimum power consumption. That is why this GPU hardly confronts the heating problem.

RX 570 is affordable, does the job well, looks beautiful, and has everything one needs. This makes it one of the best GPUs for the processor.

Key Features: The RX 570 comes with 32 compute units featuring an 1168 MHz base frequency and more than 1244 MHz boost frequency. Also, it features 8GB GDDR5 memory with 7 Gbps memory speed and more than 224 GB/s bandwidth. It includes 2048 stream processors and 128 texture units.

  • Runs pretty fast
  • Reasonable
  • Impressive 1080p gaming
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Less power-efficient than some competitors

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