Best Membrane keyboards In 2021

Best membrane keyboards

Not long ago membrane keyboards were inferior to mechanical ones. People preferred the clicking sound and the feelings of mechanical keyboards and there were only a few people who liked membrane keyboards. However, things are getting turned upside down as they are getting interested more in membrane keyboards over mechanical ones. Since you are here, you must be looking for the best membrane keyboards for gaming or working purposes. These keyboards are the best for those who like to maintain a quiet working or gaming atmosphere. Or for those who do not like to put pressure on the keys since membrane keys do not need the pressure to be clicked.

Membrane keyboards do not have separate keys or keypads for each of the keys. They have pressure pads that are printed on flexible surfaces. These keyboards are dust and liquid-resistant than most other keyboards. They don’t make a clicking sound like mechanical keyboards and are quieter even than the normal traditional keyboards. The keys do not have individual sensors and rather they are connected through an electrical connection. If you have a knack for recording or streaming, your recorder may pick up noises from mechanical keyboards or some normal ones. However, you can rest assured with it since most of our picks offer quiet and soft keys.

These best membrane keyboards in this article for which you are here are the best-reviewed ones. They were chosen after much consideration and review since there are lots of membrane keyboards, even though they were not preferred that much before.

Editor’s Choice

Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • 104 island-style chiclet keys
  • Super quiet
  • The keys are removable

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The Redragon K502 RGB is the best membrane gaming keyboard out there. It is pretty responsive and stable. It also lets you put less effort into pressing the keys. It is a decent and quiet keyboard with 104 island-style chiclet keys. The backlit RGB is controllable and you can change the color to any type according to your taste. You can change the color, adjust the brightness, or even turn off the RGB if you wish. It is a lot quieter than most other keyboards of the same category. Also, it can withstand the average limit of liquid splitting. And of course, it is dirt and dust resistant which makes it easy to clean as well. The cord/cable is neat as it is braided and does not take up that much space.

The wrist rest is pretty comfortable and you don’t have to worry about its durability. Apart from being comfortable, you will be able to use it for a long time thanks to its durable utility. The price is super cheap for this keyboard. Even if you have a low budget, you can give it a go. Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard is the best budget yet overall membrane keyboard you can find. It is a reliable, stable, responsive, and also durable keyboard for both gaming and work. The functionality of the keys as well as the media keys/F key are awesome. Since the keys are rubber, it would take time to get used to them if you are using a membrane keyboard for the first time.

You will hear no sound while typing something or even gaming. If you don’t like the clicking sound and don’t want to disturb the person next to you, it is a perfect go. They won’t even notice you are typing unless you tell them. Well, that really was not a joke. It is an affordable, solid, and good-looking keyboard, though there are some things that are off. Sometimes you may notice some keys are stiff or you may feel that way as membrane keys are almost sunk on the keyboard surface. Redragon Karura K502 includes kickstands underneath the keyboard for it to rise a few inches but they are quite flimsy. However, the keyboard is lightweight and you can easily move it from one place to another without much effort.

  • 104 island-style chiclet keys
  • Super quiet
  • The keys are removable
  • Lightweight & liquid resistant
  • Budget price
  • Easy to type with less effort
  • Backlit RGB
  • Durable and responsive
  • Instances of stiff keys

Logitech G213 Keyboard comes with nice quality and durable membrane keys. It has some awesome additional keys that make it different from others. It may seem pricey to you but it’s totally worth it. You could never find as awesome membrane keyboards as G213 with this price. It comes with 12 function keys that have custom commands, additional keys to skip, play, pause, and also adjust the volume. Adjusting or playing – pausing directly through the keyboard is also something new for membrane keyboards. Many of the users have stated that it could have been a mechanical keyboard. Anyway, we should not go there. This keyboard has 5 tactile performance keys for it to become more responsive. It is comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, typing is easy since it takes less effort.

Logitech has always been a great manufacturer when it comes to mouse, headsets, or keyboards. The quality, look, and everything about them is outstanding. This membrane keyboard of Logitech is very attractive making it look like a premium one. Moreover, the RGB and backlit illumination is also awesome since it is customizable. This one also comes with a braided cable that makes it look neat and easy to handle. This keyboard is proof that membrane keys are also responsive. Moreover, the alphabets on each key are big and can be found easily because of the backlit. So it is a great plus point for those who have poor eyesight. Though its price is cheap, the performance, features, and every other thing can be on par with the premium ones.

The wrist handle is also comfortable and easy to use, though it is not detachable. It is also liquid spill-resistant. The RGB on the keyboard looks awesome and you can even turn it off through a hardware button placed on the keyboard. This decent-quality keyboard can be the best entry-level gaming keyboard as a membrane. It has looks, great value, responsiveness, and whatnot. If you are a Logitech fan and want to buy a membrane keyboard, look no more. It is definitely the right one for you. Be it writing or gaming, it is absolutely one of the most awesome membrane keyboards out there.

  • 12 functional keys
  • 5 tactile performance keys
  • Durable and responsive
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Liquid resistant
  • Affordable
  • Flimsy frame

Cynosa Chroma Keyboard of Razer comes in with all-rounder characteristics. This gorgeous keyboard comes with great yet reasonable pricing. It is a decent gaming keyboard with more than two years of longevity. You can easily do writing and gaming. It supports more than 80 million clicks. It offers soft click which enables quiet working or gaming sessions. It feels sturdy and solid yet not too heavy. This one is comfortable to use for a long period of time. It has about 16.8 million backlit customization colors and you can change them individually. However, the customization driver is not that user-friendly, though you can play around with it. Changing the colors every once in a while is something of an awesome feeling for RGB lovers. The keys are all of gaming-grade and soft on the surface. 

It is overall an excellent keyboard for the price you are getting. As a membrane keyboard lover, one can easily fall in love with this. The soft felt keys are quiet because of the comfortable keycaps and they do not need much pressure during typing or gaming. They make it pleasant to type for a long time. Its 1000hz polling rate makes the keys more responsive. The keyboard itself is awesome and comes with the great build quality. Moreover, the keyboard has a lot of options for backlit customization. Though the software is not easy to use, you can do the job easily. It has kickstands to adjust the keyboard according to your hand height. Though the design of this keyboard is pretty simple and basic, it is made of sturdy elements. It is a simple yet great membrane keyboard.

  • RGB lighting with 16.8 million customizable colors
  • Pleasant to type on
  • Affordable pricing
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • Comfortable and soft keycaps
  • Basic & simple design
  • RGB customization driver is not user-friendly

The HyperX Alloy Core RGB is a budget gaming membrane keyboard. It offers longevity because of its durable and sturdy frame. The signature light bar is something new and the RGB lighting is also awesome. The RGB offers 6 LED lighting effects and you can customize it as you want it to be. The quick-access buttons, Game mode, lighting mode and profiles, and other modes can be enabled or adjusted with one single button. The build quality is high and solid for this keyboard. Kingston has done a great job with this keyboard and the price is also playing a fair game. Its Game mode offers reliable performances during gaming sessions as well. Moreover, it is spill-resistant and easy to clean. You can hardly find any problem with this keyboard. The keys are responsive and quiet as expected from a good membrane keyboard.

The keycaps are easy to read and the font is legible. This won’t move unnecessarily once you have placed it in one place on your desk. The tactile keys are fast for responsiveness and have better reflections. Moreover, they are known for being quiet. Its braided cable’s usefulness is something we have already mentioned twice before. Since it is easy for cable management and always stays neat, a braided cord is something many users look forward to. The keyboard offers no software for management. The keyboard has all the keys for necessary functionality. The design of this one is sleek and has a beautiful bodyline. The price is super reasonable and great for budget builders. Whether you are gaming or writing, it shows its best compatibility.

The one problem is it has no wrist rest. Though it is not a big issue for the price, still many budget membrane keyboards include good and comfortable wrist-rest. Anyway, as a budget keyboard, Kingston HyperX Alloy Core RGB has all things one needs.

  • Durable
  • Multiple RGB effects
  • High quality
  • Quiet keys
  • Spill-resistant
  • Braided USB cable
  • Game mode
  • Reasonable price
  • Nothing worth to mention

Rii RK+ is a great keyboard for the price. The soft membrane keys can be recognized easily by touching it. The price is always a compromise for the membrane keyboards and most of them are super cheap. This one also comes with a good price and it is worth mentioning that you get what you pay for. Its 104 keys are soft when touched and pretty responsive. It works well in both gaming and typing. The RGB is also impressive along with its breathing technique. This technique looks pretty cool and candy to the eyes. The backlight colors are beautiful and spread bright colors as well. Moreover, the keys are clicky and have nice action. It weighs good and has thin plastic frames. Though the thin frame does not lower the keyboard quality, there are many people who would not like this type of build.

For the price, Rii RK100+ multiple color keyboard is pretty solid and a perfect choice to give a better look on low-budget builds. Moreover, this keyboard, apart from 104 keys, comes with 11 multimedia keys and that too specially designed. You can turn on and off the backlight using a key on the keyboard. It still feels unreal that this amazing and cool keyboard cost a few bucks. Many gamers spend their budget on the core components to make the build powerful and stronger. However, getting the best keyboard or mouse at a cheap price is the only option left to them. Though it does not happen, this membrane keyboard beats those conditions. Moreover, it has mechanical key feelings as they are clicky. So, it does not matter if you like a membrane or mechanical keyboard. 

Rii RK100+ has another feature that automatically makes it enter sleeping mode if you don’t use it for 10 minutes. If you press any key, it will work again and turn the backlights on. From the look to the feel, everything is fantastic about this board. Each key is well separated from the other and aligned perfectly. It has a compact solid design that can place itself pretty well on a small desk. Also, it is durable unless you wreck it up.

  • Great for budget build
  • 104 keys along with 11 multimedia keys
  • Good build quality
  • Soft and comfortable switches
  • Great for the price
  • Looks cool
  • Keys are clicky
  • No mechanical feeling
  • Thin plastic frame

Closing Thought

Among the huge membrane keyboard variety, these few chosen ones contain great benefits and utility. They are quiet, cheap, and easy to use as well. However, among them, the Redragon K502 RGB Gaming keyboard is the best membrane keyboard that has an affordable price, easy use, and great features. It is durable, responsive, and offers cool RGB functions. Though it is the first, the remaining ones are also awesome and have their own charms. There are many things one must consider before buying a keyboard. You have to go with your budget, choose among your favorite brands, durability, responsiveness, and many other things. Once you have gone through them, we hope you get the best one suited for you.

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