Can I use Dawn Dish Soap to Wash Baby Bottles?

baby bottles with dawn

Babies are more sensitive than anyone. They need extra care, extra safety, and extra consciousness. They look at the world differently, they use the materials differently. As babies need extra care, extra consciousness should be given to each and everything they deal with.

Regarding cleanliness towards the items used to feed them, an owl eye should be kept in that. As they are very sensitive, there is a high possibility of being attacked by dirt and germs that can cause detrimental effects on their healthy and sound life. So, sterilizing bottles, nipples and other items used for babies is necessary. And, almost all of us use soap or liquid to clean those; we are quite familiar with that. But, today we are going to discuss one of the best items of cleansing, its uses, and many more.

If we consider soap, then the best item that appears at first is “Dawn Dish Soap” for cleansing. Though it is used for many purposes, we are yet to know its effectiveness in washing baby bottles. So, let’s have a look at this particular item and get involved with other important details that are needed to know for safety.

Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn is an American brand of dishwashing liquid owned by Procter and Gamble. It was introduced in 1973 and has become the best-selling brand of dishwashing liquid in the United States.

Why is Dawn Dish Soap popular?

When it’s time to get your dish rid of extra greases, dawn dish soap is extremely good. It can work magically for cleansing the greases off the dishes. The components used here are quite effective and that’s why it has become one of the best-selling and most popular products among the users.

Not all dish soaps are created equal, There is undoubtedly something that surpasses all other contemporary products because of its magical ingredients. Dawn dish soap is something that is versatile and can be used for many purposes including protecting your plants, treating laundry, and unclogging your toilet.

Some Uses of Dawn Dish Soap

There are some striking uses of the very popular dawn dish soap that may surprise you. This soap contains a variety of uses that you can try out! The followings are some of its uses in our daily life!

Tub and Shower cleaner

Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and heat it in the microwave. Then fill the rest of the bottle with blue dish soap and shake it after putting a lid on the bottle. Spray it all around the tub and shower floor and wait a few minutes until it sits. After that, rinse that away, scrub and you will see the result.

Used as a Window Cleaner

Mix a few drops of soap with water and fill a spray bottle for a solution. Spritz your windows and wipe just as you would do with any window cleaner.

Unclogging Toilet

Pour a cup of dawn dish liquid detergent into the toilet bowl and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then pour a bucket of hot water from waist height to clear it out.

Hair Cleaner

After you get your hair done, you can clean up any stains left behind on your skin with a little dawn soap and some warm water.

Removing Greasy Food Stains

From pizza grease to french fry grease, Dawn Dish soap makes it a cinch to get rid of the stains left behind on your clothes.

Put a few drops of the soap right on the stains of your clothes, scrub them and then rinse them off with fresh water.

Remove Stickers and Labels

Sometimes, we find stickers and labels after buying products from the shop. And then get us puzzled by not finding an exact idea how to lift that way without causing any spoil to that product. In that case, dawn dish soap can help you as well.

Cover the sticker with soap and let it sit awhile. After that, you can lift it away smoothly with no residue left behind.

Can I use Dawn Dish Soap to Wash Baby Bottles?

As we have already discussed, we have got to know the function and utility of Dawn Dish Soap. It is proven to be safe and quite effective for use. Dawn has been known to produce much “greener” alternatives to the common brands for soap and dishwashing liquids. Dawn dish soap is safe because it is known to cause little to no harm when used to wash baby bottles. So, it would be a great alternative if you can not find your usual bottle wash.

Remember as we already said, babies are more sensitive and open to risk when something unusual happens. So, parents should be extra careful in that case. And to make it easier, there are some other methods given below on how you can wash your baby’s bottles and sterilize them later!

Since you will be using a larger quantity of dish soap, check out the pricing on Dawn Dish Soap products on Amazon. We usually save buying in bulk, but just compare, because let’s face it, your baby would rather have a toy or a book than extra dish soap.

Which product should I Not Use to Wash Baby Bottles?

Many cleaning products contain potentially harmful ingredients. That’s why one should be very careful while choosing items. And when it’s time to choose a product to use for the baby’s favor, to use those products to wash baby’s items, make sure that those detergents or materials are free of —

  • Perfumes
  • Phosphates
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Caustics
  • Dyes
  • Animal by-products
  • Triclosan
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phthalates

The Procedures For Hand-Washing Baby Bottles:

If you are confused or still can not be determined about chemicals conflated dishwashers, you can simply go for handwashing. And so, you can follow the given steps and find a better result.

Clean your hands

To wash baby bottles through this process, you do not need to have a dishwasher. What is just needed is dish soap. But before doing anything, the first thing you have to do is wash your hands clearly as germs can pertain in your hands and can transcend.

Get other stuff and turn the soap foamy

Get a bowl and fill it with hot water. Pour a few drops of soap and make thick foam.

Separate the bottle parts

It is important to take apart the components of the bottle. So, separate each part— the nipples, caps, and rings and rinse them with fresh water.

Wash Bottles Parts separately

Place all the bottle parts into the hot, soapy water and wash them individually. Use a soapy bottle brush for the bottle and a nipple brush for the plastic nipples and rings. Next, gently squeeze soapy water through the nipple hole to flush out any trapped milk.

Rinse bottle and bottle parts

Rinse off the bottle and bottle parts thoroughly under running water to remove any remaining soap residue.

Dry Bottles and Attachments

Place bottles and nipples in the dish rack to dry. Your baby items are now clean and ready for another feeding.

Drying is actually a critical area because if you wash all the germs and bacteria off the bottle, but do not let it thoroughly dry it can actually grow a mildew from the warm moist water trapped inside. Think of a petri dish of sorts.

This is why drying mats for baby bottles are something to think seriously about. They are designed to allow air in and the water to drip dry as well.

You see when you set a bottle upside-down on a dish towel as it drips it creates a seal and traps moisture inside. So, asking for a bottle mat on your registry is basically a healthy move!

Here is our favorite bottle drying mat Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack. It is a brand name and there may be great alternatives, but we feel this is what to get to be safer than sorry.


Newborns or babies have developing immune systems and very high hygiene requirements. It is important to make their environment clean and free of harmful chemicals. Usually, this means investing in specific cleaning and care products and taking specific precautions for your baby. So, follow the steps and make your baby environmentally sound and healthy!


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