Does Crying make your eyelashes longer?

Does crying make your eyelashes longer

While crying or seeing yourself in the mirror after crying, you may have noticed that your eyelashes look more defined and maybe longer. You might have thought that crying may be the reason for your eyelashes to grow. However, is it a baseless assumption or a fact; who knows? Yes, there are hormones released with our tears but are they the reason for long eyelashes?

No, crying does not make your eyelashes longer and there is no reasonable fact that can prove this.

Benefits of Crying

This topic alone may seem unimportant but one should know why crying is beneficial for us. We cry for what? Why? The answer is something we all know in an instant. People mostly cry in grief, sometimes in anger, or sometimes they cry in happiness which we also say tears of joy.

If you have experienced it or not, when we cry, we feel much lighter both physically and mentally. The heartache, and grief we had before just vanished in a moment. Many of us don’t yet know the scientific meaning of it. However, we sometimes tell one to cry their heart out to comfort them and that it will make them lighter.

Tears are caused by a stress hormone, Cortisol: the main stress hormone of the human body. It does a lot of work in our body yet the most important thing is regarding stress. When we experience stress or anxiety, the cortisol level gets higher. Though low cortisol level is not also good for our body. There is a line, “No more, No less.” Our body will fall apart when an essential element is either high or low. Staying in the normal zone is the best. Normal cortisol level makes our body relaxed.

Even though cortisol is responsible for crying, during the process tears release endorphins and free you from the stress you have been building up. Crying is a process of destressing oneself. This release of emotions definitely helps you ease your heart and mind.

Does crying make your eyelashes longer?

The question will seem really absurd to those who already know the answer. You may want to prove yourself by saying, yes, it absolutely does. I saw my lashes grow longer than before after crying. But that does not seem to be the right answer. Fact is something else here.

In our previous eyelash article, “does vaseline help your eyelashes grow?” we had a small review about the question we had. The answer is no, it does not.

Crying does not make your eyelashes grow longer. Rather, it makes the lashes stick together making them defined and thicker. Crying makes the eyes moisten and the eyelashes look even darker due to being lumped together. 

Why do I have shorter lashes than others?

Eyelashes’ length, color, and all others depend on our genes. In fact, our eye color, hair color, body color, height, body shape, and every little thing like these are controlled by a lot of genes at a time and that is Polygene. Your eyelashes are like that just because your genes control them. You have no control over them to make their color brighter, growing longer. Though there are some medications that can work on them, it needs to be prescribed by a certified doctor. Moreover, there are some natural products to make them healthier or longer.

How can I grow my eyelashes longer naturally?

We have already said, there are some natural products to make your eyelashes healthier, thicker, and longer as well. Vaseline, coconut oil, and castor oil are the main three things we mostly use. But what are their benefits? Let’s see.

Vaseline: Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that works as a moisturizer. It helps your eyelashes be fuller, thicker, and darker too. But unfortunately, It does not make them grow longer.

Coconut Oil: This oil is full of nutrition and antibacterial agents that help the lashes strong. It reduces the lash fall by fighting off the bad bacteria. Apart from that, coconut oil has the same benefit and downsides as vaseline. Yes, it does not make them grow.

Castor Oil: Castor oil here is the main protagonist. It helps your eyelashes grow longer even if the difference is small. Moreover, making them vibrant, thick, and beautiful is also its work.


Who would not want their eyelashes to grow longer and be beautiful even if the mean is by crying? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Crying does not make your eyelashes grow longer. If you ever want to make them longer, You should use castor oil on a daily basis to spot the difference.

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