Does vaseline help your eyelashes grow?

Does vaseline help your eyelashes grow

Having a beautiful appearance while taking care of it naturally is everyone’s wish. Who does not want their appearance to make an exceptional remark to everyone or even for their own? Whether one’s beauty is for others or for one’s own, the key to it is taking care of it perfectly. Be it face or hair or even eyelashes. Wanting long and refined eyelashes has become everyone’s wish but how long can you wear fake eyelashes? You can’t even sleep with it, go around with it all the time, regluing it when it becomes loose. Lots of headaches just for wanting long eyelashes, right?

That’s why many people are now counting on natural means to enhance their beauty. Who would not? You will get natural skin, hair, and lashes that will last forever without any side effects. Isn’t it beautiful?

Now let’s come to growing eyelashes long. Many of us use vaseline on our lashes thinking they will grow long and beautiful. But how much of this information is legit? Does vaseline actually help your eyelashes grow? Or does it have any impact on your lashes? Some of us actually try it not knowing will it actually help or not while some of us ponder whether we should try it or not. That thinking led you to this article. Let’s talk about everything about eyelashes growing longer.

What helps your eyelashes grow?

You have noticed or not, most infants have longer, and fuller eyelashes compared to us. Practically, we all were like them at the very first point of our lives and we also had those long lashes. But why it is not here any longer? Hair follicles or even skin require enough moisturization and nutrition to preserve their authentic or natural appearance. But by the time we realize it, we have already did not take enough care of it and our skin, hair, and lashes lose their natural moisture. 

Though now many medicines were made to make your lashes longer by getting back the moisture and nutrition. But we, no matter what, want them back by natural means. So resorting to medicine is a big no.

However, we need enough moisturization and nutrition for our eyelashes to grow. There are enough candidates to choose from. Coconut oil, vaseline, castor oil, etc are the main products we are going to see. But we still don’t know which one actually helps the lashes grow.

Does Vaseline Help make eyelashes grow?

Now the real deal starts. Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly is used as a moisturizer during dry weather. It is made with different polyhydric alcohol especially glycerin and water as the main ingredient. Though many companies use additional ingredients such as fragrance. Polyhydric alcohol is mostly known for using as a moisturizer in vaseline, cream, and lotion. 

You may have noticed your lashes become fuller and thicker thanks to vaseline. Yes, vaseline helps it become darker as well. But it does not help the eyelashes grow. Only if you measure your lashes before and after using vaseline, you will notice that the length is the same. But still, it looks better than before. Even I used it once a time on my lashes and brows. They became darker and fuller. Also, they do not fall I mean you won’t lose lashes as before. The hair follicles will be strengthened thanks to it.

No, Vaseline does not help make your eyelashes grow longer. Even though you will not get longer lashes, you will get healthy ones instead. They will get thick, dark, and healthy but not long.

One thing you must be careful of is that the vaseline product you are using is a good one with a purified logo.

Does crying make eyelashes longer?

This seems funny to many people while many of us really believe that crying makes eyelashes longer. But that is not the case. After crying, your eyes surrounding as well as the lashes get wet. Since the lashes are wet, they get clumped together looking darker and somewhat longer than usual. However, this also happens when you wash your face. That’s why this preference is actually wrong to the point of being clueless. 

Does Coconut oil Help make eyelashes grow?

Coconut oil works the same as vaseline helping the lashes. No, actually it does more to it. Though it does not make the eyelashes grow longer, using it will help them grow to the natural length that they were supposed to be. It also helps them become thicker and fuller, and it gets rid of the bad bacteria that are the reason for hair loss.

Coconut oil is known for its antibacterial ingredients. I even saw my grandma use it on my scraped knee which has been somewhat dry yet not healing. And it worked like charm. After researching it, I was reminded of that incident. Now I understand why it worked like a charm. That’s why coconut oil is widely known for its variety of uses.

Does castor oil help your eyelashes grow?

To your relief, this is the last resort we can go to today to see the result. And the answer is positive. Among all three of them, only castor oil helps lashes grow longer than the natural length. 

It is a natural oil preserved from the castor tree. It has a good fatty acid that helps nourish the hair making it grow healthier and longer.

If you use it on regular basis, you will notice that the length of the hair is longer than before even for the slightest. You can also use them on your eyebrows and hair too. It reduces hair fall drastically if used regularly.

Even though Vaseline and coconut oil do not help with lash growth, they are great for making the lashes thicker, fuller, and healthier.

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