Foods To Avoid After Nose Piercing

Foods To Avoid After Nose Piercing

People want to feel beautiful and want to express their beauty in every way. Nose piercing is a fun and attractive way to enhance your beauty.  Nowadays, nose piercing has turned into a popular trend among the young generation. The piercing of the cartilage or skin of your nose is known as a nose piercing. 

The process of nose piercing is quite different from the process of other piercings. Nose piercing is done in 9 different spots of the nose. It means ( different ways to look the best. So, In case you are curious, The 9 types of nose piercing are:

  • Nostril Piercing
  • Septum Piercing
  • Septril Piercing
  • Nasallang Piercing
  • Vertical Tip Or Rhino Piercing
  • Bridge Or Earl Piercing
  • High Nostril Piercing
  • Triple Nostril Piercing
  • Double Nostril Piercing

Piercing your nose can entirely change your look. It can make you look prettier and bold in attitude. But did you know that your nose is located in the region which is acknowledged as the danger triangle of your face? So, nose piercings are risky and need care. We know getting a nose piercing is painful at the beginning, but it can be healed by following some aftercare routines. They should be taken care of properly maintaining the precautions. Ignoring the precautions may lead to nose infections and nobody wants to go through this hectic situation.

You also need to take nutritious foods when you have a nose piercing. In this way, your body can supply nutrition to the bloodstreams of your nose to heal perfectly. Also, you should also skip some food during the healing time. If you are wondering what foods to avoid after nose piercing, then we suggest you keep reading. you are in the right place to know everything you need to know about nose piercing. 

Nose piercing needs some time to heal along with care. Your nose gets healed in a short time of 4 weeks if you follow a proper care guideline. When your nose heals, you can understand how beautiful you look. After the nose piercing is healed, you get habituated with the nose ornaments and don’t even need to follow guidelines strictly. Now, if you are looking for a guide on the aftercare of nose piercing, well you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss what you need to do after piercing your nose. Additionally, we will also include how you can get rid of bumps or redness from nose piercing. So, check this article if you want to know the precautions of nose piercing.

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How long does it take to heal after a nose piercing?

The healing time of nose piercing varies on individuals and the type of nose piercing they get. For instance, a Septum piercing takes a few weeks to heal.  On the other hand, It takes 2-4 months for a nostril piercing to heal. 

So, if tender care and regular cleaning are done as required to the nose piercing, then the nose heals in about 2-3 weeks to 2 months. In this way, any sort of nose infection or skin infection can be avoided if the precautions are maintained properly. 

What helps a nose piercing heal faster?

Maintaining hygiene is the main factor that helps a nose piercing heal faster. The cleaning process of a nose piercing can be complex at first, so we recommend taking suggestions from a physician. You can clean the piercing area twice a day, using saline solution. You should avoid frequently touching your nose to avoid infections or irritations. Also, you should skip harsh and scented soaps for the cleaning process.  You can use gentle soaps along with essential oils for the aftercare of a nose piercing. In this way, you can get your nose piercing healed faster. 

What foods to avoid after nose piercing?

Nose piercing can be painful at the beginning because a nose piercing is technically a wound. As we read in science, the white blood cells (WBC) of our body start working hard whenever a wound is detected by the body. 

So, when you get a nose piercing, your prime task should be helping the WBCs to heal your nose piercing. To do that, you need to eat adequate amounts of nutritious food. You should eat more and more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Along with that, eat foods rich in iron and zinc. You can also try taking more cold foods such as ice cream, juice, etc. In this way, the wound might get relieved and heal faster.  Also, you should stay hydrated, so drink more water. 

There are also some food items that should be avoided after getting a nose piercing. Well, you should try to avoid these foods to fasten the healing process of your nose. Those are fast foods, oily and spicy food, sugary and greasy food along with hot food and drinks. You should also skip sour and acidic food and fruit items. This will help the wound caused by the nose piercing heal faster and prevent infections. 

What not to do after a nose piercing?

Getting a nose piercing can be fun. But, there are certain don’t that should be followed after that. Technically a nose piercing is a wound and wounds are sensitive and prone to infections. So we should maintain the precautions to get the healing process of nose piercings perfect and faster. We have mentioned certain things that should not be done after a nose piercing when it is in its healing process. So the don’t dos that should be followed after a nose piercing are: 

  • Don’t touch the nose piercing with unclean hands
  • Don’t with the nose piercing
  • Don’t sleep on it
  • Don’t apply makeup on the affected place
  • Don’t frequently fiddle or change the nose ring
  • Don’t forcefully try to wear a nose pin or nose ring
  • Don’t share your nose jewelry 
  • Don’t eat the food that is asked to be avoided by the doctor
  • Don’t use over-the-counter antiseptics and hydrogen peroxide and on the affected area caused by piercing
  • Don’t use products with harsh chemicals, Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol

What to do after nose piercing?

You can use an ayurvedic antiseptic around the wounded area when you get a nose piercing. 

The main thing you should do after a nose piercing is to clean the affected area caused by the nose piercing on a regular basis. You should take tender care and maintain proper hygiene in order to prevent infections. 

One of the effective areas of cleaning the area of nose piercing is saline solution. You can also try antibacterial solutions for cleaning purposes. You just need to soak a clean cotton bud in the solution be it saline solution or antibacterial solution. Then press the cotton gently on your nose piercing area and keep rubbing to get rid of dirt or dead skin cells. 

You also drink more water and eat more nutritious food. You should also avoid some food when you get a nose piercing. All these facts should be known by now as we have explained above.

What are the signs of infections caused by nose piercing?

Nose piercings should be gently and sensitively taken care of. Poor treatment and negligence can lead to nose infections. If you touch your nose with dirty hands after a nose piercing or don’t frequently clean the affected area, then your nose is prone to infections. The signs of infections include pain, redness, swelling, bumps, or lumps on the affected area of nose piercings. If you notice any irritations or irregularities of your nose, then you should go to a doctor for medication. 

How to get rid of a nose-piercing bump?

Nose piercing bumps are caused by infections, tissue damage, keloid, granuloma, or any allergic reactions to nose jewelry. If a person maintains a proper hygiene routine and follows the guidelines of aftercare regarding nose piercing, he or she is unlikely to get a nose piercing bump. As we mentioned, hygiene and proper care boost the healing process of a nose piercing, and get healed in 2 to 4 months avoiding all types of infections or irritations. 

If you want to get rid of a nose piercing bump, you can –

  • Do proper aftercare for a nose piercing
  • Use gentle skincare products like tea tree oil
  • Use saline solution or antibacterial solution for cleaning
  • Use hypoallergenic jewelry at the beginning. 
  • Apply warm compression to the piercing

When you get a nose piercing, there may be some situations when you need to go see a doctor. They are:

  • If you feel pain or burning sensation in the nose piercing
  • If you notice discharge of blood or smelly and colored liquid from the piercing
  • If you get a fever, nausea, or discomfort.

You can also prevent such hectic situations of seeing a doctor, by maintaining the proper aftercare routines. 

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you might have understood that getting a nose piercing is fun but it needs a lot of care. Any ignorance or negligence can lead to infections or any other situations that nobody wants. You should follow the precautions, maintain hygiene, eat nutritious food and stay hydrated to safely and perfectly heal from a nose piercing. We understand that it is a lot of work but it is worth it. So should you get a nose piercing? Well, Yes! We think you should go for it if that’s what is going to make your day. Nose piercing looks good on anyone and they are the most trending these days. Nose piercings help an individual highlight their beauty and personality. So, go ahead to get a Nose piercing today! Best of luck with that.

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