How Long Does It Take A Nose Piercing To Close?

How Long Does It Take A Nose Piercing To Close?

Nose piercing is the part of fashion that makes an individual beautiful and stylish. People take this as a part of their identity. Nose jewelry is a piece of jewelry that can enhance your beauty and personality. 

Nose piercing means making a puncture wound on the thick cartilage of the nose. It is not something light we handle with. One needs to be careful with her health, foods, medicines after nose piercing to avoid infection or unnecessary accidents until it heals.

Many of us do this to keep it for a long time while many of us do this for business purposes or as a hobby for a short time. Those who do this lifelong don’t want the piercing to be gone and most of them use a piece of certain jewelry to wear all the time. Though sometimes it needs to be taken off in case of infection, accident, or some other purpose, the piercing doesn’t automatically close off immediately. 

And for those who did it for a short time or did it anyways but are regretting, they don’t use jewelry after their business is done. Wearing a piece of jewelry on the piercing will hinder its way to closing. Now, how long does it take to close the nose piercing? This question just rumbles inside their mind those who don’t want this to last longer.

Even though it is really beautiful, we don’t want it and get rid of it, right? Let’s see how long it will take for your nose piercing to close.

How long does it take a nose piercing to close?

The thing is that the closing time varies from person to person as to how long has it been since they pierced their nose. What we mean by this is, is your piercing fresh? Or it has been more than a year or a couple of years? This is how you can categorize yourself. No matter whichever criteria category you fall in, it won’t take months to close a nose piercing.

If your nose piercing is fresh or has not been healed or dried yet, it will take a couple of hours to be almost closed. In fact, you will start noticing differences within an hour.

Or, it has only been a week, it will take up to two hours to begin closing. But it has been almost one year since you have pierced your nose, it will most likely take a week to start closing the piercing.

But in the case of having it for a long time which means a couple of years, it takes almost a month to start closing. 

Why does not the piercing close immediately?

Though the question holds no value, there is a scientifically beautiful answer behind it. Our body’s flesh, skins, and other organs develop in size due to cell division. A single cell is divided into two daughter cells and those cells are divided into more four cells. Every cell is working like this which makes us bigger from child to adult. It happens gradually without any hast. If it happened immediately like the question, a little child’s body would have no difference from the body of an adult. Every person would have the same size no matter how much their age is. It would be absolutely ridiculous in both science and nature.

When we pierce our nose or ear or any skin on our body, it makes a hole or flesh tunnel. Scientifically, this flesh tunnel is known as a fistula. Though fistula is another big thing related to one of our organs, fistula on a pierced nose is widely known. This hole or tunnel is made through a piercing which kills or removes the cells on that part. To regenerate that part, the cells on the edge would start dividing themselves almost immediately. 

However, the dividing requires time and different stages to get right into their dividing phase. That’s why it takes some time to start closing the piercing. 

Let’s go with an example. Suppose, you cut your finger while chopping vegetables. It won’t heal immediately, right? Firstly, the blood will clot to save you from losing excessive blood, and then cells will start their work to restore that cut. Isn’t it beautiful how a human body works?

Why it is taking a long time to close the piercing?

That’s right. We could not explain how a fistula works while admiring human body organisms. It is our natural instinct to reject any type of outer product and also heal our bodies as fast as possible. That explains our body will try to divide the cells on the pierce even if you put on jewelry until your brain sends a signal to that place that it is meaningless. 

When it gets the signal, it will then accept it and would no longer close the piercing. Rather, they will start cell division on the edges making it more fleshy. Again, how beautifully our body works! Writing this article is making me want to be a Biologist. Anyway, when this thick flesh is formed and is kept the way it is which happens due to wearing the jewelry all the time. Cell won’t just start dividing from a closed path, right? Of course, this circumstance happens with those who had it on for years.

That’s why your piercing is taking longer than expected. However, there is one this I wanted to share. One of my close relatives had her piercing for years and it has been almost a year since she put off her jewelry. Her piercing is still like it was before. It still has not started closing. That is one exception I have witnessed. Your state may also be like her if it has been long enough like her.


Since our body is sensitive and a nose piercing is an even more sensitive thing we do to it, we must be careful enough to not harm our body. Whether you want to close your nose piercing or not, it is definitely your decision. Timing doesn’t always match with the expectation. Your piercing may need more or less of the expected time to close. It definitely varies.

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