What Does “Name On Card” Mean?

What Does “Name On Card” Mean?

The dependency on online shopping is on the rise of popularity these days. People get the opportunity to buy foreign and country products from many online shopping platforms. Due to online shopping, we get introduced to many new terms. It might be that we know the meaning of the terms or we don’t know the meaning of the terms. The common terms you see on the sites might be “Out For Delivery”, “With Delivery Courier” or something else. Well, these terms are related to delivery services which is not the main topic of discussion in today’s article. Today we will discuss a commonly used term in most online payment forms, “Name On Card”.

Whenever we buy something online, we get a checkout form which is mandatory for us to fill out. In fact, the form should be filled out correctly and carefully because one mistake can cause a lot of problems which nobody wants. When you fill out the payment information, you see that the online shopping site asks you to fill out “Name On Card”. 

Now if you are new to online shopping, you might have the question of what “Name On Card” means. If you are looking for the meaning of “Name On Card”, well you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss what “Name On Card” means when buying something online. We will also try to answer some “Name On Card” FAQs which will help you easily understand what “Name On Card” actually is. 

What Does “Name On Card” Mean?

Whenever you buy a product online, the website asks you to fill out “Name On Card”. Generally, “Name On Card” is the name that is on your debit or credit card which you will be using to pay for the product. Or, you can say “Name On Card” which means the name of the owner of the debit or credit card that will be used for the transaction. 

Usually, online shopping websites ask their customers to fill out “Name On Card” so that they can prevent the chances of fraud and scams. It is a sort of fraud prevention attempt. The format of “Name On Card” of your debit or credit card is “Title First-name Middle-Initial Last-Name”. So be careful, when filling out this information you need to put in the correct “Name On Card” when buying something online. Whichever type of card you have, check what name is there, and write it on the blank space.

Does “Name On Card” And “Cardholder Name” Mean The Same?

Technically Yes, “Name On Card” and “Cardholder Name” mean the same. Both of the terms mean the name associated with the debit or credit card that is being used to pay for a transaction. It refers to the rightful owner of the card whose name is printed on the front side of the card. 

Well, In simple meaning, “Name On Card” basically means the name shown on the front side of the card which is the owner’s name. And “Cardholder name” means the name of the rightful owner of the card which is shown on the front side of the card. So it should be clear that both of the terms have the same meaning.

What To Put When It Says “Name On Card”?

Online shopping platforms hand out a form to their customers when they buy a product from their site. We know filling out that form can be quite hectic. But, you need to fill the payment form with accurate information, or else you might not get your ordered product. 

In that check-out or payment form, you might find many shorthand words that might confuse you. Well, Companies try to make their forms standard. That’s why they use “Name On Card” instead of “Please enter the name that is on your credit or debit card you are using to pay” in their payment information forms. They don’t use that because that kind of look is unprofessional and lengthy. 

So to maintain Standards and to check fraud attempts, Online shopping platforms use “Name On Card” when asking for payment details from their customers. In that case, you just need to fill out the name that is on the debit or credit card that you will be used to pay for the purchase done on the online shopping site.

 Make sure to put the correct name in the correct format as the name is on the card. If you put incorrect data, your purchase request won’t be accepted and you won’t get your product. 

When Do You Need “Name On Card”? Why Does “Name On Card” Matter?

Mainly, you need “Name On Card” when you make an online purchase. You might also need it when you do a transaction at some super shop. This is simply a security check to make sure the card is not a stolen one.

As we know, credit card theft and scams are rising rapidly. Companies are trying to increase tighter security measures to prevent fraud and other illegal activities. For this reason, Companies ask customers to fill out “Name On Card” to determine the card’s rightful owner. This is the reason why “Name On Card” matters. To do a more effective fraud prevention check, Customers are also asked to fill out the card expiry date and 3 digit code associated with the card along with “Name On Card”.

What To Do When You Are Ordering For Someone Else Online?

Well, there are times when we purchase an item for someone else online. In that case, we need to be filling the shipping and billing address. 

If you are paying for the item, in that case, you need to fill out the “Name On Card” information with the name on your debit or credit card which you will use for the payment.

On the other hand, if you are not paying for the product, you should take the billing details from the person who will pay for the product. You should then fill out the name on the person’s card for “Name On Card” information. 

What To Do When You Don’t Have “Name On Card”?

“Name On Card” must be filled when a purchase or transaction is completed using a debit or credit card. It is not that you are permitted to make purchases using your card only. You might also do the transactions using alternative payment platforms such as Paypal, Payoneer, or other ways such as Cash On Delivery, in those situations, you do not have to fill out “Name On Card” information. 

If you are paying using your card, well it is mandatory to fill out “Name On Card” information. In other cases, you won’t be needing to fill out that information.

Do we need to include Mr. or Miss in “Name on Card”?

Yes, you should include Mr. or Miss while inputting the “Name On Card” name. 

So, The format for inputting the name in the  “Name On Card” of your debit or credit card will be“Title First-name Middle-Initial Last-Name”. If you are a man, your title will be Mr. And, if you are a woman, you should include the title Miss or Mrs. in “Name On Card”. Again, If you’re a married woman but your card has your maiden name, In that case, you should include the title Miss before the name, not the Mrs. title. Make sure to use the correct title in the format or else the “Name On Card” will show invalid input. 

Final Thoughts 

So, We hope now you understand what “Name On Card” means accurately. In simple words, “Name On Card” refers to the name of the rightful owner which is shown on the front side of every debit or credit card. Online shopping websites or other transaction platforms ask for this information to do a fraud attempt check. Since fraud and scam attempts are on the rise, companies are trying their best to strengthen the security of their customers. So, make sure to carefully input the correct details when filling out payment information forms online. 

There are some common mistakes people make while inputting “Name On Card” which must be avoided. If you commit any mistake while filling out “Name On Card” or any other details on the payment information form provided by the online site, your form will turn into an invalid input. If that happens, it is likely that your order won’t be confirmed by the online shopping site. So, you must fill out the form carefully. 

 In case of filling out “Name On Card”, make sure to not use nicknames or short forms of middle names. You should spell the name as it is on the card and avoid misspelling your name. Fill out the form calmly and accurately without any rush. Remember to check if you added the title before your name. Adding the title before your first name is mandatory. The format for inputting the information of “Name On Card”  is “Title First-name Middle-Initial Last-Name”. And Lastly, When you complete filling out the form, do a double-check whether you inputted the correct information. Correct the mistakes, if you committed any. Finally, Submit the form, and your work is done after that.

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