What Does Not Reachable Means On Messenger?

What Does Not Reachable Means On Messenger?

Let’s suppose you call a number and it says something like “not reachable” and the call gets disconnected. You try calling the same number and you get the same message before the call gets disconnected.

The questions that might occur to you are, “why are you getting such messages saying ‘Not reachable’?”, “What does ‘Not reachable’ mean?, “What to do after we get ‘Not reachable’ messages?” , “How do we contact the person if we hear ‘Not reachable’ when we try calling them on their phone?”. We have come with this article to answer your intrigued questions. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the message “Not reachable”.

What Does “Not Reachable” Mean When Calling Someone On The Phone?

Whenever you call a person and you hear “the number you are calling is not reachable”, this means the call didn’t reach the person’s phone. It might due to some of the reasons which are,

  1. The phone of the recipient is switched off

Well, this is the most basic reason for hearing the message “Not reachable”. Mainly what you hear is, “The number you are trying to call is not reachable”. Why do you hear this? You hear it because one of the reasons is the person’s phone who you are calling is switched off. 

No matter how many times you retry calling the person, you are going to hear “Not reachable”. This is because the cellular company couldn’t transfer your call to the person as their phone was switched off. Thus you get to hear such a message when you call the person as long as he or she turns on his or her phone.

Sometimes, cellular companies cancel out phone numbers as they didn’t pay the bills properly or were out of range for an estimated time. So, these numbers are basically switched off by the cellular company. Thus, when you try to call these phone numbers, there is a possibility that you may hear “not reachable”.

We think if they said, “The number you are trying to call is switched off” it would have been better. So, we could clearly understand why we could not connect with the person. What do you think?  If you call the person if their phone is switched on, then you are supposed to be able to reach them. If your call doesn’t reach them even if their phone is switched on, then there may be other reasons. 

  1. The recipient has poor service

We know how painful it is to be in a low or poor service area. When a person’s phone is in low service or has no service, then it can’t connect to its incoming calls. 

So, when you call a person who is living in a location where there is low or no cellular network coverage, then you are likely to hear, “Not reachable”. It might get difficult trying to contact the person living in such areas with network coverage issues. 

So, you can understand now what “not reachable” means. It basically means that your call couldn’t reach your destination recipient’s phone. It may be because the recipient has no or poor service or is switched off.  

What Does “Not Reachable” Mean On Messenger?

Up to now, you have understood what “Not Reachable” means. We repeat, it means your calls are not reaching the person you are calling. This happens due to poor network service or the recipient’s phone being switched off. 

Now what does the term “Not Reachable” mean on Facebook messenger and what are the reasons to hear it? Well, the meaning of “Not Reachable” on Facebook messenger is quite similar as we explained above. It means the platform or medium cannot connect your call to the person you are calling. 

Why do you hear “not reachable” on messenger? Well, this happens for the following reasons

  1. The person’s account is deactivated or deleted

Whenever someone deactivates or deletes their account on Facebook, it gets quite impossible to call them. If you call a person who deactivated or deleted their Facebook account, you are likely to hear “Not reachable” or sometimes “Unavailable”.

  1. They don’t have messenger installed or turned off the calling feature

Some people don’t have messenger installed but have the Facebook app on their phones. This may be because they don’t want to waste time by talking too much with friends or to increase work productivity. Again, they may also turn off the calling feature to block all incoming calls. In such cases, even if they are active on Facebook, the calling option would not be active. So, if you call them, you may hear “Not reachable”. Well, this is one of the reasons to hear “not reachable” on Facebook messenger.

  1. The person’s phone is switched off

Suppose, you are calling a person on Facebook messenger and their phone is switched off which means they are not active on Facebook. So, this is why you will be hearing the note “not reachable”. 

  1. The person has no data connection

As we know, Facebook messenger requires a constant data connection to stay active. Otherwise, people cannot send messages or call anyone when they need to. No data connection cuts out a person from the social media platform until they turn their data connection on. So, If your contact has no data connection or has turned off their data connection, then you may hear “not reachable” when you try to call them on messenger. You may be able to call them when they buy a new data plan and switch their data on. 

What Does “Unavailable” Mean On Messenger?

We have seen the term “Unavailable” in use on messenger. You have seen it used as “This person is unavailable on Facebook”. 

If you see “This person is unavailable on messenger” and try to send a message to that person, your message or call might not reach that person. It means your message won’t be sent to a recipient who is unavailable on Facebook. The reasons for this are:

  1. The person has deactivated their account on facebook
  2. The person has deleted their account on facebook
  3. The person’s facebook account has been banned by the authority
  4. The person has blocked you on facebook 

Due to the above reasons, you might see the term “unavailable” on someone’s account. The person won’t be active or available on Facebook messenger. In such cases, you won’t be able to send a message to them or make any contact with them on messenger. 

How To Figure Out If Someone Is Ignoring You On Facebook?

There have been annoying times that you sent a message to a person and feel like they are ignoring you. But, you can’t be sure of that. It might occur that the other person is busy or away from their phone for which they can’t reply to you back instantly. 

Again, if you are actually ignored by someone on Facebook, How can you tell?. Well, We have shared the ways how people figured out they were being ignored by their recipient. 

  1. One of the most basic ways of figuring this out is if the person is active and not seeing your message. If you are wondering if your message was delivered or not, the blue colored ticked circle
  1. The person had seen your message but didn’t reply back to you back.
  1. The person is actively posting on social media and not seeing your message nor replying back to you.

Yet, don’t come to a conclusion without finding out the reason whether the person is ignoring you. It might also be the person is engaged in some work or is not available. 

How To Make Myself Unavailable On Messenger?

There can be times when you just want to go away from the crowd and be by yourself for a while. We understand how hectic it can be when people start inboxing you whenever you are online and you are wishing to just scroll through social media instead of chatting. 

So, if you are one of those people who want to be unavailable on messenger, then you are in the right place. You can just turn off your active status which is shown in the messenger menu. Turning your active status won’t view your profile in the active friend’s lists of your friends. In this way, people won’t be able to see you online even if you are online. People might think that you are offline. So, you can get your desired time of scrolling and chilling. You can be unavailable even if you are online. Thus, people hopefully won’t disturb you seeing you not active. 

Does “Not Reachable” Mean Blocked?

When someone calls a person on their phone and they hear the message saying “Not reachable”. Some people might mistake that they have been blocked by the recipient of their call. Well, this may not be the correct idea.

When a person blocks a number on their phone using any call blocking app, their phone automatically rejects all incoming calls from the blocked number. In this case, the caller gets to hear “Call rejected” whenever he or she tries to call that person. 

But, some cellular networks say the note “Call not reachable” whenever a caller tries to call the person who blocked his or her number. But most people hear, “Call Rejected” when they are blocked by the recipient. 

What Does It Mean When It Says “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached”?

Whenever you call a person and you get to hear “the subscriber cannot be reached”, this occurs due to many reasons.  reasons:

  1. The person’s number you are calling is not available or existing anymore.
  1. The person you are calling is out of the country at that moment.
  1. The person you are calling has no network signal in their phone.
  1. The person’s phone may have been switched off.
  1. Rare but true, sometimes you get to hear “Subscriber cannot be reached” when you try to call a wrong number. This occurs due to the mistakes of the unconscious mind. So always double check the number whenever you call someone.
  1. Similar scenario to the above point, You get to hear the message when you try to call a number registered in another country. Let’s explain it with an example. If you live in Australia and try to call a number registered in India (not in Australia), you are in a way calling a wrong number. Thus you get to hear “the subscriber cannot be reached”.

What to do after you hear “Not Reachable” when you call someone on their phone?

Now, you have understood what “not reachable” means and the reasons for getting it when you call someone. 

In short, “Not reachable” technically means the call cannot reach the receiver’s phone. But, what to do after you hear “not reachable”?

Well, you can just wait for a while and try calling the person again. If that happens again, you can just see when the person becomes reachable for a call again. And, some people activate the message option that automatically sends messages to the callers who tried to call that person’s phone when it was switched off, saying “the person’s mobile is switched on, you can try reaching out again” or something like that. So, you can wait and see if you get such a message and then can call the person again. 

You can also check whether your end is okay or not such as whether you have proper network coverage, balance or internet data in your phone, the number you are calling is correct and so. 

How do we contact the person if we hear “Not reachable” when we try calling them on their phone?

Now, what if you are trying to contact the person for important work and you hear “Not reachable”, what to do then? How would you contact the person if they could be reached on their phone but it was really important to talk to them?

Well, the answer to the curious questions is easy. Whenever you find out the receiver of your call is not reachable then leave them a message. In this way, as soon as they switch on their phone or are in the reachable zone, they get your message notifying them of the cause of your calls. 

You can leave them a message on their phone number or on messenger. Whenever the person switches on data connection and is online, will get your message. 

If the phone number is unreachable then try calling them on social media platforms such as messenger, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, and so on. Again, if they are unreachable on social media, then try sending them a text message telling them the cause of your call. They will definitely get your message. Again, if your emergency cannot be expressed in a text message, you can leave a voice message for them which they will receive whenever they are online or in the reachable zone. So, we hope you understood the solution of reaching out to a person when it says “not reachable”.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have explained and elaborated most asked questions and doubts regarding “not reachable” when calling someone on their phones or messenger. We also shared the simplest and easiest solution of reaching out to the unreachable person. So, we hope you are clear about this term now and the reasons why you get it.

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