“Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides”

double nose piercing

Presenting yourself in an eye-catching way is one kind of natural instinct that goes along with every human personality. For, we, the people, are very eager to adapt ourselves to the trends that go on. Every one looks different from one another mainly because of their body shape.

There might be other reasons but body shape and gesture vary and make every individual different. Donning something and adding beauty to the personality, especially for women is a common thing. So, following this trend, today, we are going to have our eyes on the topic of “nose piercing” and other stuff related to it.

Nose piercing is super trending nowadays. It is now common and seen among celebrities, influencers, and other great personalities. It helps to increase the sparks of that particular personality that often gives them extra confidence removing all the ominous thoughts. Also, it works wonderfully for all the face types and proves to add more personality to every face.

This article will walk you through what is “nose piercing” especially “double nose piercing” is all about, how much it costs, and many more. Keep reading to find out all about double nose piercing on opposite sides.

What Does It Mean By Double Nose Piercing On Opposite Sides?

Let’s commence with the basics by eradicating your doubt about what exactly this above idea prefers. Okay! It won’t be soothing to drag to your confusion and make you feel disturbed. The subject is very explicit and it reflects its own answer within the words themselves. It does not require contemplating much. Just have a look at the title and you will find the answer on your own.

Well, If you are still in trouble in finding out the answer, this article is fair enough. A double nose piercing is any combination of two piercings on the nose. It means to have your nostril pierced. It can be different and it can fall into different categories including only the left nostril pierced or right side pierced or maybe both sides pierced on opposite sides.

History In Brief

Whenever it comes to the idea of piercing a nose, the first information revealed is the connection of Asian culture. It is all linked to Asian tradition. In India, there was a misconception raised among people that they did follow the tradition. It was believed that it helps in alleviating the pain of menstruations and childbirth. Though there is no research found on this idea, it is still in practice and is an enriched tradition across the country.

Duration To Get The Second Nostril Pierced

Getting a double nose piercing will surely stand out from the crowd and help you create your own vibe. You will look knockout and have the liberty to live your life the way you want to. Besides, double nose piercing symbolizes the concepts of uniqueness, boldness, rebellion, and most importantly freedom of choice.

All the things surrounding us maintain a certain pattern or process, and so does this silly issue called nose piercing. It also has to be going through a proper process to complete the task in a flawless manner. Otherwise, it will look hectic and choppy as well. So, when it is time for the practical implication, you ought to know the whole process that sometimes follows a lengthy process.

If you already have your one nostril pierced, then there is nothing to stop you from going on to get your second nostril pierced. But, if you have a bare nose then there is some impediment that you have to overcome. piercing double nostrils at the same time can bring out some hassles and hectic situations. Because, nose piercing, generally, takes up to two months to heal.

So, getting your nostrils pierced together is tricky and has many complexities. It is essential not to move around your nose piercing too much during this time, and ensure that it’s well taken care of through regular cleaning.

To get out of any kind of scares, make sure that you have already your one nostril pierced and is completely healed up, there is no fear of spreading infections. Only then move on to get another nostril pierced. It is the best way to go about this.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nowadays, nose piercing has become more of a fashion statement. You can get your piercing wherever you want. And depending on this, the price varies. Typically, the price of nose piercing including the price of a nose stud costs about $30 to $70. And, a double nose piercing will cost you double in price.

Does Nose Piercing Hurt?

So, the synopsis of the above details reflects here as well. If you are willing or going to get both your nostrils pierced at the same time, you have to prepare yourself for suffering more. However, if you wait, and follow the above process, then it will be less excruciating.

Does Double-Side Nose Piercing Look Stunning?

Nowadays, nose piercing has become more of a fashion statement. You can rest assured that double nose piercing on opposite sides can make a great difference and is able to bring out your idiosyncratic personality. They give you a confident look and you get to personalize your style with them. Besides, there are other benefits of nose piercing. The followings are a few of them;

Apart from being a style statement, nose piercing brings ease to the women during the pain of menstruation and childbirth.

According to many, getting a double nose piercing may also work as a remedy for respiratory issues especially when you wear golden studs or rings.

It is also a concern that double nose piercing also works in regulating mental health as it boosts your confidence and helps to be on right track.

Which Side Should You Prefer?

There is undoubtedly more than one type of nose piercing. Many girls choose to wear the nose ring to symbolize their rebellion against society’s traditional values. The piercing is a symbol of boldness, rebellion, and freedom of choice. But, still, it is in practice among the women.

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding which side of your nose to pierce, but, in the end, it does not require any kind of strict rules. It’s all ups to you and all about your personal preference. 

There is nothing superior that inherently matters. What matters is your comfort zone. Left, right, or both— as long as you pick the side you are comfortable with.

Can A Nose Piercing Heal In 2 Weeks?

Getting your nose pierced is not a tricky job. You can easily make up your mind and can go along according to that. But the healing process is not a quick job to be done. You have to wait more than 2 weeks or sometimes, it takes a month to completely fixed. It may vary depending on the sensitivity of every individual’s body structure.

The Symbolic Meaning Of Nose Piercing

A nose ring contains multiple meanings for women depending on their culture, tradition, and background where they belong to. In North America, among the Beja and Berber tribes, nose piercing symbolizes wealth, affluence, and the abundance of the family. The reverence of the family is being counted according to the size of the ring. The bigger the ring, the more respected the family is.

On the day of the wedding, the Berber man gifts his wife with a nose ring to express his faith and make a commitment. It is a sign of taking care of her and taking her responsibilities. The woman also wears the jewelry as a sign of respect for the family she got married to.

Traditional Hindu families get the young girls’ noses pierced when they are just entering their teenage. For, at that stage of life, they are considered to be brides. It often has ornaments, golden or silver birds, flowers, and many more. And they are well enough to emphasize the beauty.


Wearing a ring has had various meanings for women throughout the story. In this era, it is taken as an old and outdated manner and it has already lost its appeal to the new generation. And today the nose piercing is a matter of personal choice, style, and preference.


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